Where to Enjoy a Glass of Bubbly in Brittany, France

7th March 2016

Where to Enjoy a Glass of Bubbly in Brittany

Brittany, north-west France, is full of boutiques, restaurants and bars packed with French character – and of course, French bubbly! It seems on every corner there’s a new place, but here’s a few well-loved venues to try:


The  historic capital of Brittany has plenty of charming restaurants and venues open all day, but the bars really come alive in the evening.

Upper Place Champagne Bar
This “bar de nuit” is a Champagne-lovers delight! You’ll find rare and fascinating Champagne bottles from famous brands and new ones to discover. As you walk in you notice rows of ice buckets ready to chill your bubbly of choice.

Le Nabuchodonosor
A stylish French wine bar often hosting events and live music.

Les Chais de Saint-Croix
Here you can find a range of Champagnes, from grower Champagnes (Champagne Mandois) and Grand Marques. Many are also available in Magnum and Jeroboam.

La Grappe
Enjoy a glass of bubbly with local cuisine – saucissons, galettes, crepes and more.


Di 20 Wine Bar
A cosy wine bar open for a glass of bubbly all day with a large wine selection, a range of cheeses and local food.

St Malo

St Malo

St Malo

Le Jus d’Octobre
By the wonderful coast of St Malo, this venue stocks over 250 wines, 95% French. The bar offers 15 wines by the glass which change every week.


Vins du Large
Wine and Tapas bar.

Le Baobab
Lively and vibrant atmoshphere, with plenty of drinks and exotic cocktails.

Glass of Bubbly

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