Which Country Drinks the Most Sparkling Wine?

16th October 2015

Which Country Drinks the Most Sparkling Wine?

In 2014 sparkling wine consumption by volume was led by the Germans, who drank 46 million cases of fizz. France, was second at 30 million and Russia (traditionally a large market for Champagne), consumed 26 million cases. The U.S. was fourth, with 18 million cases and the U.K. fifth, consuming 11 million cases.

In 2002 the total production of sparkling wine was 9 million hectolitres and it made up not even 4% of world wine production. In 2013 this had increased to 17.6 million hectolitres, almost 7% of all wine production. These figures will keep on increasing each year.

The biggest producers of sparkling wine are:

France (15% of world total production)


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