Why Choose Sparkling Wine?

8th September 2015

It’s an experience

Champagne and sparkling wine is more than just a drink – it’s a feeling of celebration, romance, glamour or luxury. It’s no wonder it’s associated with Hollywood icons such as Marylin Monroe and James Bond.

Better for you

In moderation, sparkling wine is as good for you as any other wine – and less calories. 80-90 cals in a glass of sparkling versus 100-120 in red or white. There’s even been studies that an occasional glass of sparkling can help lower blood pressure and help prevent brain illnesses, such as Alzheimers.

More choice then ever

There’s so many to try! With more countries expanding their vineyards, increasing quality and producing their own styles and blends, now is a better time than ever to work your way around the globe in sparkling wine. If you still can’t decide, try Shiraz, a sparkling red!

Great with food

It’s perfect for food pairing. The great thing about sparkling is that it’s very versatile and there’s a bubbly for almost anything. It doesn’t always have to be Champagne and caviar, a great pairing is sparkling wine and fish & chips! Explore different combinations (Check out our Chef’s Corner for ideas).

Ideal for any event

Champagne or sparkling wine is appropriate for almost any occasion, and the chances are most of your guests will enjoy it. So if you want just a small selection of wines for your event, make at least one a sparkling.


Popping open a bottle of bubbly is fun. Just ask the winners of any major sporting event. (Although maybe you won’t get way with spraying Champagne all over your guests!)


Glass of Bubbly

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