Why Millennials Are Drinking More Rosé Champagne

5th February 2021

Pouring Champagne Moet et Chandon rosé

In most households, Rosé Champagne from around the world is reserved only for special occasions. However, once in a while, you might come across a bottle worth buying and drinking even when there is no reason to celebrate. While there are countless Champagnes that you can order online or find on the shelf, most people who consider the pink bubbles to be a regular addition on the table limit their purchase because it’s expensive.

In fact, Rosé often graces the list of some of the most expensive Champagnes in the world. However, the price has not hindered Champagne’s sale, whose demand has skyrocketed during the pandemic. Compared to Champagne’s various types, the pink bubble has the biggest sales boom for the last few years. Many Champagne lovers buy Champagne online as they get a huge and premium collection to choose from

While Rosé accounts for a mere 5% of the Champagne segment, it has outperformed the rest of the bubbles with over 75% growth for the quarter. This clearly shows that Rosé, which is considered an expensive option, is quickly becoming the Champagne category preferred during festive seasons and special occasions.

Why the Demand for Rosé Champagne Continues to Rise

Rosé is considered Champagne’s choice for millennials and you only need to look at various social media pages to realize that consumers are willing to pay the price for good drinks. Just as a student would be ready to get quality writing help from the royal essay, you should focus on high standards, especially when choosing a good pink Champagne.

Rosé, a fruity and full-bodied Champagne, ranges in color from pink, copper, and salmon. There are also lighter types. What gives the Rosé its pink color is the juice’s ability to mix with the grapes’ skin only for 24-72 hours.

The production, which often involves good red wine, results in refined bubbles and a crisp taste. Because of its versatile nature, it can be paired with various dishes and consumed any season or time of the day. It is suitable as a summer drink, something to sip after dinner, or a weekend barbeque.

The versatility of the beverage, especially in terms of sweetness, is another great reason why the pink alcoholic beverage is doing well. It’s fruitier than regular white Champagne and sweeter than wine. Nonetheless, it should be noted that high priced Rosé are selling more than their cheaper generic counterparts. This is mostly because the expensive ones mean the producers paid attention to the quality, which further enhances the consumer’s drinking experience.

The Summer of Rosé Champagne

Why It Will Cost You to Buy Pink Bubbles

Higher quality Rosé is far more labor-intensive and time-consuming, which reflects on the cost. Furthermore, due to the higher Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier content, which results in lower acidity, the drink does not age in a lengthy manner as other types of Champagnes.

To attain the pink color, the Champagne is produced by utilizing two common methods: maceration or saignée and assemblage/ blending. Maceration requires black grapes to macerate for up to 72 hours. The minimal contact allows the drink to develop a deeper hue and stronger aroma.

The grape’s natural color enriches the juice while also giving it an aromatic component. The three most common wine grapes used to produce the Champagne are Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier, whereby the latter are red wines.

The second method involves combining red and white wine to help achieve identical color and density. While most Rosé Champagnes are sweet, you can also get a dry one that complements meat dishes.
Besides the labor-intense production method, the increase in demand for pink Champagne causes the price to surge. Market prices might also influence the cost. Therefore, today’s amount you will pay for the pink drink might not be the same in a few years. So when you plan to purchase a pink Champagne to enjoy as a drink or as an investment, you must store it under the right temperature requirements and light. Otherwise, you might lose both the value and taste.

Is Rosé Champagne Really Worth the Extra Cost?

Pink or Rosé Champagne is worth the cost because it’s perfect for any occasion, be it an anniversary, wedding, birthday valentine’s day, or even the festive seasons like Easter, Christmas and New Year. Besides, splurging on an expensive Rosé which you can afford sends the message that you are not afraid of spoiling yourself. Overall cheap Champagne will not taste the same as an expensive bottle, and if you prefer quality over quantity, you’re better off spending more to enjoy a memorable taste.

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