Why this New Sparkling Rose is the Perfect Christmas Tipple

17th December 2020

Rosé Extra Brut 2018

With a hint of Cranberry, this limited edition, English Sparkling Rose is the perfect accompaniment to your festive feast.

It’s English, it’s good for the environment and it delivers notes of cranberries – everything one could ever want on the table this season.

The award winning, Busi Jacobsohn estate is pleased to launch its 2018 vintage, this time releasing both a traditional fizz and a very special, limited-edition sparkling rose.

Typical of the Sussex-based single estate grower/producer that believes great wine comes at the end of a journey of culture, time, care and love they have lovingly produced another fantastic Classic Cuvee Brut (£38), elegant, balanced and perfect for any celebration.

For the first time, however, they have released a sensational, limited edition (3,500 bottles), versatile yet delicate 2018 Rose Extra Brut (£39) with a hint of Cranberry.

Christmas Pairings

If you plan on getting stuck into cheese, guinea fowl, a traditional turkey perhaps and every other rich-tasting reward the foodie world can throw at you this Christmas then this is the sparkling wine to stock up on. It’s dry, with body and slightly oaked; and thanks to a heatwave in the summer of 2018 and warm autumn, grapes were on the vine longer reaching full delicious ripeness.

“This is not only our best vintage yet, but it is also our most interesting,” commented Susanna Jacobsohn, co-founder, “We hoped it might be good because of how lovely the summer was that year [2018] but the flavour is really something special. We also wanted to create a Rose and knew this would be the year to try. The fact that it’s the perfect accompaniment to Christmas dinner is just good timing.”

Sustainable Approach

In a year that has sharpened everyone’s focus on doing right by mother nature, Busi Jacobsohn is a natural choice. The family is committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and carbon footprint by using solar power and biomass energy and, thanks to using almost no pesticides and encouraging the land’s ecosystem by investing in mechanical weed management, the soil and animal population are healthy and thriving across the estate.

Susanna continued, “What’s most important to us is that people know we care about our wine, our vines and the environment in which we grow them – we make every effort to be as sustainable and conscious of the environment as we can, at every stage of the winemaking process while still ensuring the best quality which is why our Classic Method Hallmark means so much to us.”

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