Why we can’t get enough of Prosecco

11th September 2015

Why we can't get enough of Prosecco

Prosecco is now the UK’s best selling sparkling wine with sales outstripping Champagne.

Total sales over the past year reached £338.6m, a massive 72% increase on the previous year.

Although Prosecco usually has a less complex flavour than Champagne, it tends to be sweeter and frutier due to the secondary fermentation process. While Champagne is matured inside individual bottles, Prosecco uses the more affordable ‘tank method’. Due to this, the flavours brought forward in Prosecco are usually sweet, such as apple, pear or vanilla.

With great taste paired with lower prices, it’s quite clear why sales have been rising. A lot of Brits want a simple, tasty and affordable wine with bubbles – Prosecco fills that role perfectly. It’s ideal during Summer when there are plenty events, such as weddings and parties, where a lot of bubbly is going to be consumed. It’s easy to drink when enjoying an evening out with friends and it also pairs well with a wide selection of food.


While Prosecco has gained the love of the consumer, an Italian sparkling wine that’s gaining a lot of recognition in the wine industry is Franciacorta. It’s a high quality wine that’s more complex than Prosecco and more akin to Champagne, but with a higher price tag it’s not been a hit in the UK yet. Franciacorta is produced using méthode champenoise and with the same grapes used in Champagne; Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, and Pinot Blanc.

Some other sparkling wines have become more prominent in the UK as well, including Cava and English sparkling. Champagne is still a popular choice, particularly the known brands such as Lanson and Moët & Chandon. UK sales still increased for Champagne as well, but only slightly at 1.2%.

If you’re looking for something affordable, check out these great sparkling wines for under £15. 


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