Will we see Rosé Prosecco soon?

7th September 2015

Will we see Rosé Prosecco soon?

It is possible there will be a relaxing of the rules in the Prosecco region that would allow sparkling rosé to be produced and bottled as Prosecco.

At present the Consortiums that govern Prosecco only allow Prosecco to be made from white grapes; Glera and up to 15% of 8 other specified varieties of white grapes from the Prosecco region. The rules do not allow red grapes to be used which would give the wine the pink colour, that is why at present there is no rosé Prosecco available, if a rosé is made with Glera grapes it can only be called a spumante.

If the change in rules apply, then this will open up a whole new range of sparkling rosé. We’re sure there’s a lot of people who would love to enjoy a glass of rosé Prosecco.


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