Wine degustation. All you need to know

3rd October 2022

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Wine tasting is a very serious event. Men especially, might wear a suit or dress smartly. Women carefully select a dress and accessories. This is a real outing. It is necessary to prepare for it especially diligently. Not only the appearance should be taken care of. It is also important to know how to behave at the tasting.

Wine degustation is an event that is steeped in elegance. Therefore, you need to match it. Let’s start with getting to your destination. If you are not a regular guest of such events, we advise you to contact the rental company to find out cadillac price uae or rent luxury cars. However, don’t use exotic car rental services, because you don’t have to be flashy at this event, you need to be elegant. And remember, renting a car in our times is not difficult.

Wine degustation methods

1. Vertical degustation

The best way to understand the development of a single varietal wine is to compare it across several vintages in a row. This kind of tasting is called vertical. It can also be carried out in different ways: blindly, when the vintage year is revealed only at the end of the tasting or in pairs when the wines are served two at a time.

2. Horizontal degustation

During horizontal degustation, wines of the same vintage from one or several estates are offered. At such wine degustation, you can be offered several varieties of wines to sample and for an inexperienced tourist, such a tasting will probably be the most interesting and impressive.

3. Comparative degustation

In such wine degustation, several wines of the same variety (or from the same appellation) and the same vintage are compared, but from different producers. Wine gourmets will definitely like this wine degustation.

Important to remember

First of all, you need to remember that wine, no matter how weak it may be, is alcohol. You should never get drunk. A drunk person at a wine tasting is unacceptable.

  1. You don’t have to try to taste all the wines. You won’t be able to distinguish between tastes and smells after five to seven trials.
  2. When tasting, it is enough to take one sip. Wine tasting should be intermittent. Their duration is about 15 minutes. During the breaks between tastings, you can chat, discuss news, the weather – have a traditional conversation.
  3. When tasting, do not use one glass. In addition, each type of wine should be drunk from a special glass. Only in this way you can appreciate the taste of the drink.
  4. It is very important to remember that you are being served by sommeliers. In no case do not call the person serving and pouring wine a waiter.
  5. Each wine may be paired with a specific appetizer. For example, white wines are drunk with fish dishes, red wines with meat.
  6. Your appearance matters. There will always be a glass in your hands. Therefore, the hands will be visible. They must be impeccable. It is also important to get the right hairstyle. Hair should not fall into the glass. It is better not to choose white clothes. By mistake, you or someone else can spill wine on white clothes, it will be very noticeable.

The word ‘tasting’ comes from the Latin word degustetio – tasting. Wine degustation has long been considered an element of civilization in many countries around the world. During the tastings, many aspects of winemaking and wine consumption are considered: the history of winemaking, key wine terms, wine production, grape varieties, wine classification, how to read a wine label correctly, rules for storing and serving wines, wine glasses and how to taste wine.

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