Wine Inspired Wall Art

17th September 2021

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If appreciating and drinking wine is your thing, you should consider making a statement by taking your interest in wine to the next level. Experiment with different kitchen decoration concepts highly inspired by your love for wine. This article will guide you on ways to incorporate wine-inspired decorations, making your bland, uninteresting kitchen space look attractive and lively. Consider implementing a couple of wine-inspired decorations below.

The use of wine-inspired wall art is logical since wine could never go absent at a gathering. Display your wine-inspired wall art to show class and interest in a highly refined manner.

Wine arts are great conversation starters and will sit well in any room or setting. Select a wall art that fits your taste, interests, or upcoming occasion. You can order your high-quality wine-inspired wall art at Elephantstock.

Creating a gallery wall is undoubtedly one of the best ways to showcase a love for anything. If a collection of art exists in your home, don’t hesitate to create a gallery wall. Ensure to find pieces that will complement your home setting.

Pictures of various wines, or scenery of a wine county, or even a creative picture of grapefruits are all great examples in this instance.

A noticeable number of contemporary painters and impressionists have given a sacrificial amount of time to depicting wine and the process of making wine on canvases.


Regardless of the space, large wall arts always look great in them. Position your wall arts in a way that catches attention; a three-piece gallery wall easily creates a point of focus that instantly catches the eye.
In addition, large wall arts possess the ability to make a small space appear larger. Implement the use of a triptych to create an outstanding visual effect to your room’s wine decoration.

It is important to select the right canvas for your gaming room; these ideas will act as a guide for you when that stage reaches.

Your wall art should occupy about 75% of the available wall space. Measure the height and width of the wall; multiply the measurements by 0.6 and 0.75, respectively. The result will reveal the range of canvas print sizes set to suit the room.

If you intend to hang your wall art over a fireplace or a bed or maybe a couch, the measurements should be between 2/3 and 3/4. Out of fear that wall arts of bigger sizes will overwhelm, homeowners are reluctant to displaying large wall arts. And amateur home designers choose to go with smaller prints. Try to maintain a balance by selecting a well-proportioned piece of large wall art; it gives the space an immediate transformation.

When deciding on the shape of your artwork, your choice of canvas is an essential factor to consider and there are two namely;

Framed Canvas: there is a small space between the canvas and frame; this tends to give the artwork a different and unique look. Framed artworks appear finished and polished, simple, and light, hence a clean appearance.

Unframed Canvas: This is an artwork that is not set to any frame. This distinctive feature makes it able to adapt to any sort of style. It creates a unique look when blended with modern furniture and all interior concepts.

Choose from our professionally gathered layouts for your gaming space;
• Sleek, simple, and sophisticated: The single panel rectangle or single panel square
• Traditional with a trendy twist: The single panel rectangle or single panel square
• Well balanced with a bold touch: The Triptych tri-panel canvas or the symmetrical five-panel canvas
• Dare to be modern: The split two-piece canvas or the four-panel wave canvas
• For fun lovers and eclectic designers: The 7 piece hexagonal canvas set.

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