Buying Champagne & Sparkling Wine for Investment

29th October 2018

champagne investments 2019

Some Champagnes or sparkling wines once bottled improve with age. When a limited amount is produced and the bottles sold and drunk, there naturally becomes a shortage of that years supply. This can then increase demand of certain types of Champagne or sparkling wine that have the ability to age well and be of a good vintage therefore increasing the value of that particular sparkling wine.

There are plenty of websites available where you can purchase wine, wine can often be sold through multi channel ecommerce which is a cost-effective way to sell through multiple sales channels.

Any wine investment must be looked at as a long term rather than short term quick profit making scheme. The majority of vintages gain in value as they mature. However if you are looking for a short term return on investment it is better to invest in cryptocurrency – buy BNB, Bitcoin etc and that can bring you some quick money. Not all wine is suitable for investment so make sure you do your research. Return on investment can be between 10% – 15% a year on the best bottles.

Storage is a key factor in preserving the investment wine. In most cases you can expect to pay a merchant an annual storage fee of between £8 and £10 per case, which will include insurance. The wine is stored in a secure, temperature-controlled warehouse until you sell or drink it. Upon selling your wine, the merchant will take commission of around 10%. If you have a smaller collection, and the right conditions, you may be able to cellar them yourself.

Remember it is an investment market like any other, so be aware that prices can go down as well as up.

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