The Wine Revolution Starts Now with Launch of

19th December 2017


This month sees the launch of, the first online portal dedicated to delivering quality wines in one-way kegs direct from the winery to the tap.

George Workman, Managing Director at comments: “Our model is to offer venues a wide choice of wines on tap, directly via our portal. Ideal for venues who want to develop their by-the-glass business. No hidden costs, no fuss.”

The benefits of

Expertise: 50 years’ experience in the wine industry
Choice: On tap means wines can be served by the glass, providing flexibility to try different wines without the need to open a new bottle every time
Quality: The wine is kept at the perfect constant temperature and does not come into contact with air or light, so each wine glass is as fresh as the first
Speed: Pours 4 x faster than from a bottle. Sell more, faster.
Cost: Wines on tap from offer significant cost and space savings vs traditional bottles. Avoid restocking fridges and opening and closing bottles, save on man hours
Environment: Each 20L one-way keg removes 27 glass bottles as well as corks, foil and labels that may otherwise end up in landfill.

The wines are sourced direct from the winery and shipped the next day anywhere in the UK

Over the past nine years our team has worked with vineyards across Europe to identify wines grown by passionate and innovative wine producers.

From Pinot Grigio to Sauvignon Blanc and Cabernet Merlot to Bordeaux, offers a range of twenty four varietals (and growing) of red, white, sparkling and rosé wines. All are available through an easy online ordering process and are delivered in kegs UK-wide, ready to be served straight to customers on tap. also offer a complete wine tap installation service from survey to fit out and on-going maintenance.

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