Wine tours in the UK: Where to go on a date and relax

28th October 2021

Visit Hush Heath Estate in Kent

It’s very important to choose a special setting for your date, as romantic surroundings can put both people at ease and lead to a happier outcome. Wine tours are very popular among couples of all generations for this very reason. They are laid back and have no rushed schedule, and they provide plenty of free space for the lovebirds to talk to each other, not to mention the impact of the wine on the senses. In other words, inviting your love interest to a wine tasting experience is an excellent idea.

If you live in the UK, you could take advantage of this option and book a tour through the vineyards for you and your chosen companion. This type of invitation works great if you want to impress someone you met at the best local dating sites in the UK and present yourself as a true British gentleman with a taste for finer things in life. Here are the most popular destinations for wine tourism in Britain that you should consider visiting in the near future:

Gifford’s Hall, Suffolk
This is a family-run vineyard located in a lovely country with rolling hills and meandering rivers, a perfect setting for your romantic story. Located close to the village of Hartest, it represents a true example of simple life and organic agriculture. You will encounter many domestic animals on the property, and you are welcome to bring your own dog along if you want. This countryside paradise is a really nice place for a day-long trip in good company, just be sure to pick a period when the weather is fair, so you don’t get wet while walking.

Sharpham Wine & Cheese, Devon
What goes better with a sip of exquisite wine than a bite of locally produced cheese? You can try this amazing combination if you pay a visit to the Sharpham winery. This award-winning establishment is located in Devon overlooking the River Dart and has been producing authentic agricultural products for decades. Its wines have a specific regional quality and are produced using a combination of traditional and modern techniques. This romantic getaway allows you to dine in an old-fashioned way as well, with fresh meals prepared in the cellar door kitchen.

Camel Valley, Cornwall
Cornish wine has a great reputation, so this picturesque winery is one of the best choices when it comes to wine tasting tours in the United Kingdom. You can try their internationally acclaimed product on location while enjoying amazing scenery typical for this part of the country. If you want to stay in this paradise for a few days with your partner, you can rent a cottage nestled among the vineyards and spend your time soaking in the surroundings. Camel Valley is definitely one of the most romantic destinations in the UK that also offers you the ability to wine and dine with a view of untouched nature.

Castle Brook, Herefordshire
Built on the site of a Roman winery in the Wye Valley, Castle Brook has been owned by the same family for generations. It is specialized in sparkling wines of the Rose and Brut varieties and is known as the premier manufacturer of this type of alcoholic beverage in Britain. If you decide to come for a tasting experience with a date, you will be able to roam around endless farmland as this area is known for intense agricultural production. This idyllic rural setting could fan the flames of your love and become forever etched in your memory as the place where your romance started.

Wine tours are very popular with couples of all generations. It is a great idea to invite your lovers to wine tasting.

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