Your New Year’s Eve Champagne

5th November 2020

Champagne Beeren 31.12

Champagne Albert Beerens introduce their new cuvée especially named for New Year’s Eve  – Cuvée 31.12.

Combining structure and elegance, this exceptional cuvée will be the perfect Champagne for your New Year’s Eve.

With a deep golden yellow colour, this cuvée expresses a complex aroma, characterised by notes of honey, ripe fruit, roasting, caramel and dried fruit. In the flavour, the attack is creamy, accompanied by notes of viennoiseries, toast, gingerbread and ripe pear which are associated with dried fruits linked to ageing in wood. The rounded and amplitude underline the precious character of this new cuvée, harmonious, complex and charming.

They also have a rosé named Cuvée 31.12 – Pink

This raspberry pink hue offers a beautiful aroma of cherry, raspberry and pink grapefruit. The flavour is rich, medium bodied and long, with hints of citrus, vanilla and red fruit.

This Champagne pairs well from aperitif to dessert, this pink Champagne will seduce you with its combination of fruits & finesse.

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