Yukiko AMANO – Export Manager of Lumière Winery Japan

11th July 2023

Lumiere and Yukiko

Lumière is a Japanese Sparkling Wine producer, located some 110 km west of Tokyo. The winery was Founded by Tokugi Furiya in 1885, this winery is family-owned and currently being run by its 5th generation owner and CEO, Shigeki Kida.

Lumière has been continuously operating for 130 years in Yamanashi which is surrounded by mountains and rivers, it is the most spectacular vineyard region in Japan and is the most famous and historical region for Japan’s wine production.

All of Lumière’s grapes are carefully picked by hand and their Sparkling Wines are made using the traditional method. The winery is open to the public for a tour of the winery (upon booking prior) and boasts a tasting room and restaurant.


We asked Yukiko AMANO – Export Manager of Lumière Winery a couple of questions.

How did you become involved in the wine industry?

Firstly because I love drinking almost any kind of alcohol beverages, and secondly because I grew up in Yamanashi — the most famous wine producing region of Japan, and I have known Lumière wines since a long time ago as my parents and grandparents usually drink and love them.

The third, because I have been working at a trading company as the import manager/buyer, and wished to export products made in Japan, especially such local specialties.

So I was very lucky to have an opportunity to work at Lumière Winery and it’s my pleasure to work for the Japanese wine industry.

Which countries are your biggest exporters?

Before COVID, UK & Hong Kong etc. Now China & Malaysia etc.

Which country would you like to export to that you haven’t yet?

India, UAE, Korea, Turkey.

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