Zarb Champagne

29th July 2014

Zarb Champagne

Zarb was launched as a new brand of Champagne in 2009. The brand takes its name from the French slang word for ‘bizarre’.

Zarb, then, is no traditional Champagne, but rather traditional Champagne with an unconventional look, based on an unconventional idea.

Because why drink Champagne only at times that tradition prescribes?
Why not when your boat is sinking?
At your ex-girlfriend’s wedding?
While waiting for a bus?
During confession?
Or because it’s Tuesday?
Everywhere. Always. Here. Now.

Zarb Champagne is produced for Zarb by the Baron family in the village of Charly-Sur-Marne, in the western side of the Champagne region.

The grapes used in the blends are grown on a 38-hectare stretch of land with the best vineyards in this part of Champagne, owned by the Baron family.

Zarb Champagne is dominated by the Meunier (55%), bringing fruitiness and delicacy to the cuveé, blended with the finesse of the Chardonnay (30%) and the strength of the Pinot Noir (15%).

Zarb rests on the lees for 36 months it gives Zarb its refined bubbles. The production process is carefully controlled and technically advanced under a constant temperature of 120C. This all contributes to Zarb’s modern, fruity taste that appeals to a broad audience.

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