Zero Dosage Sparkling Wine

2nd December 2015

Traditional method sparkling has many elements that a winemaker has to consider to create a truly valued wine. In special vintages when all these elements align, the practice of adding expediation dosage during disgorging is not always required. Dosage is sweetened wine that can be added to balance acidity and other components. These special wines without additions have designations such as Zero Dosage, Brut Natural or Brut Sauvage. L’Acadie Vineyards 2010 Prestige Brut Estate Zero Dosage is one such wine.

Of course all wines start in the vineyard.  Growing conditions in 2010 were ideal with the first signs of a warming trend for our region’s climate. Nova Scotia’s signature was not compromised though, with cool nights for flavour development, moderate sugar accumulation in pace with phenolic ripening, and malic and tartaric acid retention.

Pick dates for sparkling wines, especially for L’Acadie Blanc cuvees, are critical to capture the perfect acidity, flavour and sugar level. Our timing was to hand pick September 22 at 18.0 Brix and 9.0 g/l  total acidity. The vines of the certified organic Estate were a young 6 years old, with roots starting to dig deep into glacial ancient seabed extracting enhanced mineral and saline flavours from our living soil.


Winemaking decisions respected perfect grape conditions with whole cluster, light pressing with our specialized gentle Champagne bladder press.  Ferments were healthy and cool with certified organic techniques of no nutrient additions. Bottling the following year and laying bottles down in our naturally temperature moderated in-ground tirage cellar for over 4 years presents a toasty brioche flavour and weight that balances  acidity. Dosage was not needed for balance. There is harmony between the terroir flavours of mineral and these tirage flavours.  All the perfect elements are clearly presented in this certified organic gem.

Can a Zero Dosage be produced every year? No, it’s a special condition that doesn’t present itself every year. For example, the following year, 2011, was very cool and those bottles resting in the tirage cellar are expected to have dosage added.

Shared by Bruce Ewert


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