Zonin Launches Prosecco Black, Grey and White Editions

25th September 2015

Zonin Launches Prosecco Black

Zonin has always produced Prosecco with 100% Glera grapes, but have now introduced some new prosecco styles, Prosecco Black, Prosecco Grey and Prosecco White.

The DOC regulation for Prosecco allows the Glera grape to be blended with up to 15% of three other varieties: Pinot Noir, Pinot Grigio and Pinot Bianco.

The colours of these grapes in English are black, grey and white so Zonin decided to create 3 new Proseccos, with 3 different cuvèes and 3 unique styles.

Prosecco Black Edition is made with Glera & Pinot Noir grapes, the intense aromatic notes of Glera are accented by the finesse and the elegance of Pinot Noir. The mood it evokes is: mysterious, elegant, enchanting and charming.

Prosecco Grey Edition is made with Glera & Pinot Grigio, the intense aromatic notes of Glera perfectly marry with the fruity notes of Pinot Grigio. The mood it evokes is: modern, cool, dynamic and urban.

Prosecco White Edition is made of Glera & Pinot Bianco grapes, the intense aromatic notes of Glera perfectly mingle with the floral and fresh notes of Pinot Bianco. The mood it evokes is: free, young, joyful and timeless.



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