Zonin Prosecco

19th February 2014

Zonin Prosecco

Zonin Prosecco is a varietal wine made from the Prosecco grape which is native to the Veneto region. There, the Zonin family owns the largest Prosecco vineyards in Italy and it is from these vineyards that the fruit for Prosecco is sourced. This control over all aspects of the production from vineyard to glass allows Zonin to produce the freshest Prosecco on the market.

With its close ties to the land for the past seven generations, the Zonin family heads the largest private vine growing and winemaking company in Italy (and one of the most important in Europe as well).


The new generation of Zonins has already taken its place next to President Gianni Zonin, bringing with it a wave of youthful dynamism and also experience gained on other continents.

The heart of the company is located in Gambellara, in the province of Vicenza, an oasis of verdant hills and well-ordered vineyards that is also the ancestral home of the Zonin family. It is here that one finds the roots of the family’s history as “Vintners since 1821”.


In the historic headquarters of the Company, in 1821, the Zonins, small-scale vine growers in Gambellara, started to produce wines. Many decades later, at the very beginning of the 20th century, they started to market them as well. “Commendatore” Domenico Zonin, who lived to the venerable age of 101, started to trade in wine early in the last century.

Today, the seventh generation of the family is involved in running the firm. The current President of the Company is Gianni Zonin, who is a “Cavaliere del Lavoro” (that’s the equivalent of a knighthood in the United Kingdom).


Casa Vinicola Zonin owns 1,800 hectares (4,500 acres) of vineyards in the 7 most significant regions for wine production in Italy: the Veneto, Tuscany, Piedmont, Lombardy, Friuli, Puglia and Sicily. The company produces 23 million bottles a year which are distributed in no less than 93 countries around the world.

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