10 Great Prosecco Houses to Visit in 2019

11th July 2019

10 Prosecco Houses to Visit 2019

Following the great and growing popularity of our article, 10 Great Champagne Houses to Visit in 2018, I decided to highlight some of the wonderful Prosecco houses I have visited over the years and which are great fun and educational for you to visit and enjoy:

So for those readers who are considering a visit over to Italy and it’s northern wine regions, then for sure Prosecco must be on the bucket list with its approximate 25,000 hectares of many stunning vineyards and 100’s of wineries many of which welcome visits from the public. I have been countless times and I yearn to go again, it never grows old for me…

Did you know that us Brits love Prosecco and so much so that 100 million bottles are drunk here each year!

The Prosecco wine region is easy to get to if you are either planning a short weekend break or looking for a more leisurely main holiday or longer – Venice Marco Polo Airport (VCE) and Treviso Airport (TSF) are close by to the region and an easy 30 minute or so drive by hire car will get you in amongst its vines and wineries. For those not wanting to drive then options from the airports include both train and bus for you to visit the Prosecco region with stops throughout the region. You can also contact travel agencies and dedicated Prosecco wine tourism agencies who will collect you and offer a guided tour of the region.

Some of my fondest memories of visiting wine regions sit amongst the vineyards of Prosecco and many of my stories can simply be described as what happens in Prosecco stays in Prosecco! So, if you want to explore some great Prosecco wineries and would like a quick overview of each location then I have put together here 10 Prosecco houses which I have visited and recommend you going to (just remember that our fine Italian friends can sometimes close for a longer lunch break usually 12-2pm and pre-booking visits is always advised):

Villa Sandi 17th century Venetian Palazzo

Villa Sandi 17th century Venetian Palazzo

Villa Sandi – Via Erizzo, 113A, 31035 Crocetta del Montello TV, Italy

The first time I ever visited the Prosecco region I was driven straight to Villa Sandi and it has been a love affair ever since. Here is a most charming and innovative winery that exports the Prosecco it produces globally from New York City to Sydney.

You can visit the winery and go on a wonderful tour to include a brief initial overview of all the vineyards and areas they produce their grapes from then on to a walk through their wine cellars up to a grand finale within the amazing and quite exquisite Palladian-style villa that dates back to 1622. Pop into their shop as you are leaving where you will find their full range of sparkling and still wines.

You can also look to spend a wonderful night stay at their Locanda Sandi, a B&B offering 6 rooms overlooking rolling vineyards.

Giusti Prosecco wine tourism

Giusti Prosecco – The Tower

Giusti Wine – Via del Volante, 4, 31040 Nervesa Della Battaglia TV, Italy

Giusti is a vibrant and young character Prosecco label yet steeped in fine history which they are proud to share with their visitors. You can visit their main headquarters which welcomes you to explore their vines and terroir along with the wines they produce and a wonderful panoramic view opportunity from their ‘La Torre’. An incredible restoration project now brings to life the Abbey of Sant’Eustachio that has 12th-century history and available tours can be enjoyed from Wednesdays to Sundays whilst you enjoy a refreshing glass of Asolo Prosecco.

Borgoluce restaurant OsteriaBorgoluce restaurant Osteria

Borgoluce – Locality Musile, 2 31058 Susegana (Treviso) Italy

Borgoluce is one incredible winery estate in the DOCG region of Prosecco, but to be honest it also needs to be described as a location that contains everything needed for daily life thanks to pastures, woodlands, orchards, vineyards, dairies and much more. The winery is very focused on blending in, adhering to sustainability thought processes and at the very least a whole morning or afternoon is the minimum amount of time you will need in order to explore impressive 1,220 hectares estate.

You can stay at the winery with some amazing and peacefully set rooms overlooking vineyards and even take a dip in their natural swimming pool. Borgoluce is a fantastic location to visit if you want to experience the many delights of the local region from fine foods at their restaurant Osteria to local natural foods at their farm shop.

Views from Ca Salina Prosecco

Views from Ca’Salina Prosecco

Ca’Salina – Via Santo Stefano, 2, 31049 Valdobbiadene TV, Italy

I feel that I must include Ca’Salina Prosecco mostly because of their wonderful positioning and amazing views for you to enjoy as you taste through their range of wines on the outside terrace. The welcome you will receive will be as warm as the rays of the sun are in the Summer months, a fine range of Prosecco awaits you and you will be hard to pull up from the chair and go on your way once you have fallen in love with the views!

Loredan Gasparini wines tourism Prosecco

Loredan Gasparini wines

Loredan Gasparini – Via Martignago, 23, 31040 Volpago del Montello TV, Italy

As you head to the Asolo region there will be many inviting wineries to pop in to and experience some amazing Prosecco flavours and for me, it would be a crime not to explore Loredan Gasparini. Here is the opportunity to explore fine wines to what I say is of a very high standard to include not only some Prosecco via Metodo Classico to DOCG Asolo, though also mighty fine reds and white wine and a finish with grappa.

If you are serious about your wines from Prosecco then you will not be disappointed having taken the time to visit Loredan Gasparini. If you are lucky like I was last time I was there, you will meet the owner Lorenzo Palla and be able to have a guided tour through his wines – For me, it was comparable to meeting a wizard and tasting his magical potions.

Tenuta Amadio from Asolo DOCG Prosecco

Tenuta Amadio winery and church

Tenuta Amadio – Via Longon, 74, 31010 Monfumo TV, Italy

Also located in the Asolo region is Tenuta Amadio who are a young and fresh Prosecco label with a relatively new winery in the picturesque location of Monfumo. Modern and historical in one hit and also a rather cute small church on the hill that they are located that belongs to the family that you can take a leisurely walk up to with a glass of Prosecco in hand.

Tenuta Amadio, translated into English means ‘Love of God‘, and you get a very peaceful tasting experience when you visit with wonderful far reach views of rolling hills of vineyards.

L’Antica Quercia - Via Cal di Sopra

L’Antica Quercia – Tasting Wine Barrel

L’Antica Quercia – Via Cal di Sopra, 8, 31015 Conegliano TV, Italy

North of Conegliano in the Prosecco Superiore region you will find L’Antica Quercia whose motto is “The best dreams are born under the shadow of a great tree” which is evident as you take a tour of the winery with olive trees and two great oaks offering shade from the warm summer rays of the sun. Nature is the theme for the winery and you have the opportunity to taste wines within delightful converted old oak wine barrels.

An organic winery with a focus on nature that shines through in the crisp and fruity flavours their wines offer – My last visit I remember L’Antica Quercia winery making me instantly feel at peace with myself, a calmness in atmosphere and nature felt a priority.

Views from Cartizze Ruggeri Vineyard

Views from Cartizze Ruggeri Vineyard

Ruggeri – Via Pra’ Fontana, 4 Valdobbiadene (TV), Italia

If you want a relaxing tasting of a fine range of Prosecco and spumante then Ruggeri should also be on your visit list, located in the finer DOCG region and with vineyards set within the highly attractive Cartizze hills. This winery produces around 1 million bottles annually and exports to over 60 countries worldwide yet still very much focus on quality and character – You will be impressed and wowed and dependant on the visit you take, you will be offered the chance to explore their century old vines and those which are located on the steep hills of Cartizze which for me is one of the most amazing locations I have visited in my time in the wine industry.

Ca Baloni Zonin1821

Ca Baloni Zonin1821

Ca‘ Bolani (Zonin1821) – Via Ca’ Bolani, 2  33052 Cervignano del Friuli (UD)

Within the Friuli region and amongst thousands of perfectly set out vineyards of the DOC, Zonin1821 portfolio includes a fine visit for any Prosecco lover to their Ca’Bolani winery with a drive flanked by two seemingly endless rows of cypress trees greeting the visitor and a guided tour of the vineyards can be carried out.

La Vigna di Sarah Cabins

La Vigna di Sarah overnight Cabins

La Vigna di Sarah – Via Col de Luna, 6   31029 Vittorio Veneto (TV)

La Vigna di Sarah is run by young entrepreneur Sara Dei Tos since 2010 and they produce 4 labels with 3 DOCG and one DOC along with Grappa and Extra Virgin Olive Oil. They also have very special and unique mini suites in Larch wood on the site offering splendid views out on to the vine filled hills of the region.

My visit to La Vigna di Sarah was perfectly timed and during their harvest period and what is now a special occasion at the winery, the harvest of grapes my moonlight – If you get to stay during this unique and popular event then you will be in for an evening of fun.


Some tips to consider when visiting the Prosecco region:

  • Take some cash with you also as you can, of course, purchase the winery’s Prosecco directly.
  • Make sure you book in advance any winery visits and check times of openings.
  • Take some wellies with you in case you take a tour of the vineyards and a jumper in case you are visiting any cellars which can be cold.
  • Look into booking yourself a local site seeing guide who can sometimes offer you a service of collecting you and dropping off at airports as well as a knowledgeable tour of the region and wineries.
  • Check out Prosecco wineries on social media, many will be active and contactable prior to you visiting.

This has been ten Prosecco houses to visit for 2019 by Christopher Walkey.

Christopher Walkey

Co-founder of Glass of Bubbly. Journalist and author focused on Champagne & Sparkling Wines and pairing them with foods.