5 things you might not know about English Sparkling Wine

6th April 2020

Four Trophy Winning English Sparkling Wines

Not all sparkling wine made in England can be called English Sparkling Wine

To be called English Sparkling Wine it must be produced using the traditional method and made from grapes grown in England. Charmat method sparkling wine, where the grapes are grown in England, which Fitz Sparkling Wine produce have to be called Sparkling Wine Made in England. British wine is made from grapes grown outside of England and imported. The juice is fermented and bottled in the UK.

Raimes English Sparkling Vintage Rosé 2014

Raimes English Sparkling Vintage Rose 2014

Fitz Pink English Sparkling Wine

Fitz Pink Sparkling Wine Made in England


English Sparkling Wine has a long history

English Sparkling Wine dates back to 1662. The first sparkling wine made in England was recorded in 1662, however, it wasn’t made with local grapes. The first sparkling wine grown with local grapes was in the 1950s.



Sparkling wine accounts for 69% of all wine produced in England. 

English wine is produced from vineyards throughout the UK. The majority of English wine is made from vineyards which are in central and southern England. The production of wine in the UK consists of 502 vineyards with 2554 hectares with Pinot Noir and Chardonnay being the most widely grown grapes.


4 Vineyards to visit in Kent, England


It’s not just the English who drink English Sparkling Wine

English Sparkling Wine is exported to around 40 countries. The key markets include: USA, Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and China.


Champagne Houses are investing in English Sparkling Wine

With the quality of English sparkling wine continually improving and with English Sparkling Wine outperforming Champagne in international blind tasting competitions. Some Champagne houses are investing in English sparkling wine. Champagne Taittinger was the first to buy 69 hectares in Kent to establish a UK Vineyard. Ultimately they are aiming to produce around 300,000 bottles per year. Champagne Pommery is the first major Champagne House to release an English Sparkling Wine, teaming up with Hattingley Valley.

A glass of Bubbly

A Glass of English Fizz

Glass of Bubbly

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