Fitz – Sparkling Wine Made In England

18th March 2020

Fitz - Sparkling Wine Made In England

Rulers Breed Rebels

The Sparkling Wine Made in England That Crowned Its Own Creation.

Fitz has a fascinating origin story to tell, which kept me wanting to know more the longer I kept reading.

With the ever growing English Sparkling Wine Industry, Fitz wanted to enter the industry but by trying something different, when Fitz first started every English Sparkling Wine was made using the Traditional Method, but Fitz didn’t want to make their Sparkling Wines that way, they wanted to create a different flavour, they wanted to give England and the rest of the world a different tasting English Sparkling Wine.

Fitz didn’t want the classic Champagne flavours of, toast, brioche, biscuit and yellow stone fruits that come with the traditional method, they wanted something different, so Fitz produces their Sparkling Wines by using the Charmat Method of secondary fermentation (mostly used by the Italians & Germans), this helps make their Sparkling Wines fruity-driven and easy to drink.

I wanted to keep this article about the origins of Fitz, not how they make their Sparkling Wine, but it’s still worth knowing that Fitz use English Farmers who have been growing grapes for over 40 years, what ‘Charmat Method’ actually is and how their very talented winemaker Gareth Davies helps Fitz’s create their delicious Sparkling Wines, just click here to discover more.

A Royal Bastard?

Fitz doesn’t very much like to do the things others do, another example of this is that hidden somewhere on their bottles of Sparkling Wine is the word Bastard, can you find it?

Fitz see English Sparkling Wine as Royalty, but to have the words English Sparkling Wine on your label, you must make your wine using the Champagne method, as Fitz didn’t want to do that, they couldn’t be called English Sparkling Wine, they had to think of another way to say that their Sparkling Wine was English, so they ended up putting on their label, Sparkling Wine Made In England, because of this they see themselves as a Royal Bastard, still Royalty, but not in line with the others, so the Bastard on their label doesn’t mean the rude word you’ll automatically think it means, they mean it in the way of a child born out of wedlock.

So Why The Name Fitz?

As discussed, Fitz couldn’t be called English Sparkling Wine, so I would imagine they wanted a name that said they still belonged in the Royal English Sparkling Wine Industry but also showed the world that they were going to be different, so they went back to the Anglo‐Norman times, where they found the name FitzRoy, this name in many cases was given to the illegitimate son or daughter of a king to mark their Royal parent, originally the name means ‘Son of the king’ or in French Fils de Roi.

You can even see they embrace their Royal illegitimacy on their eye-catching label, with having 8 crowns the right way up in one colour and 1 crown upside down in another.

Let’s Taste The Made In England Sparkling Wine

Fitz Sparkling Wine – Fitz Classic

Fitz Sparkling Wine – Fitz Classic

Fitz Sparkling Wine – Fitz Classic

Tasting Notes

Aroma – “Nutty and yeasty with green grape and white pear purée.”

Taste – “Soft citrus, hazelnut and white floral.”

This Sparkling Wine Made In England won a Silver Medal in the Spring Fling Category at The World’s Finest Glass of Bubbly Awards 2019.

Fitz Sparkling Wine – Fitz Pink

Fitz Sparkling Wine – Fitz Pink

Fitz Sparkling Wine – Fitz Pink

Tasting Notes

Aroma – “Ripe red berry fruits, candy, strawberry with a hint of spice on the aroma.”

Taste – “Red berry fruits and red apples on the palate.”

This Sparkling Wine Made In England won a Trophy in the Light & Fruity Category at The World’s Finest Glass of Bubbly Awards 2019.


Rulers Breed Rebels

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