7 Common Champagne & Sparkling Wine Mistakes

7th June 2016

7 Common Champagne & Sparkling Wine Mistakes

There are a lot of traditions and misconceptions when it comes to Champagne, often thanks to movies and film. While making the cork fly can be fun, to get the most out of your sparkling wine experience try avoiding these common misconceptions:

Swirling it

Unlike other wines, sparkling wine does not need to be swirled, all its aromas are best when simply poured into the glass. Swirling it can cause some of the bubbles to be released. Some wines do develop if allowed to breathe, so you can use wine aerators, view here.

Popping the bottle

Unless you’re wanting to make a grand display, it’s much safer and better for the bubbly to open it the correct way: Hold your thumb over the cork and hold the bottom of the bottle, tipping it to a 45 degree angle. Gently twist the bottom of the bottle and the cork should release with a hiss (not a pop).

Filling the glass in one go

To get a good flow of bubbles and avoid spillage, fill the glass in stages: tilt the glass and slowly pour the bubbly, then pause to allow the foam to reduce, then pour to fill the glass.

Holding the glass by the bowl

Holding your hand over the bowl warms the wine, you should hold the glass by the stem.


Using a flute

The Champagne flute is the iconic glass associated with the drink, but it might not be the best for tasting. Particularly if you have an exceptional wine (such as a vintage Champagne) it might be better to use a traditional red/white wine glass with a wider opening. This way you will the maximum aromas and expression from the wine.

Using Champagne only for an apéritif or toast

While bubbly is ideal for celebrations and making a toast, it shouldn’t be confined to it. Thankfully, more people are realising the delights of pairing sparkling wine with food – and not just canapés. There’s a Champagne or sparkling wine to wonderfully compliment any type of meal.

Restaurants such as Bubbledogs, which serves hotdogs and sparkling wine, are becoming more popular as people discover great pairings.

Keeping Champagne in the fridge for a long time

Champagne and sparkling wine is best stored in a cool, dark place like a cupboard or cellar. Keeping it in the fridge for too long can damage the flavours. It’s fine for a few days in the fridge, but a bottle of sparkling wine in general only needs around 2 hours to cool before it’s ready to drink.

Most of all, we hope you enjoy some great bubbly and go ahead and try something new!

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