Alternative Items To Add To Your Sparkling Wine For That Extra Something

3rd January 2020

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No matter what kind of party you’re going to organize, you can surely light it up with a glass of sparkling wine on the table.

Take note that wines have something in it that makes everyone excited; even the sound of the popping of the cork can stimulate your guests’ senses.

Alone, it’s okay, but why not make it more special? Reward your guests with a drink that’s a little more involved and has that extra something.

Below are some of the alternative items to add to your sparkling wine to fancy it up even more.

Add A Little Bit Of Cannabidiol

The popularity of Cannabidiol, or CBD, the non-psychoactive component of the hemp plant that brings many health benefits, has reached almost all corners of the world. Some of the pros of CBD oil include relief for depression, anxiety and stress, as well as promote a good night’s sleep. But did you know that you can also make use of CBD oil by adding it to your wine for a little kick?

Mixing CBD to your Champagne won’t change its taste, but it will surely make your guests kick their feet out of excitement. It could serve as a good pick me up for a night of fun. It’s something new, but could easily be the best alternative to add to your wine for that extra something.

It’s something new, but could easily be the best alternative to add to your wine for that extra something.

Make Use of Peach Juice or Fresh Puree

Another way to make your wine cocktail have that extra something, which would pump up your guests, is to use peach juice or fresh puree. It’s ideal for your non-drinking guests to give them something mild but certainly won’t disappoint them in terms of taste.

Put Some Cotton Candy In Your Wine Glass

Cotton candy and wine together? Is it even possible? The answer is a big yes. Cotton candy can do wonders for your wine because they look fantastic.

Cotton candy also quickly melts, especially when coming in contact with liquid. How cool of a party trick is that? You can even come up with a cloud-like effect so your wine could sparkle more by placing a smaller pouffe of cotton candy in the glass.

Achieve That Floral Flavor With Elderflower

A soft floral flavor will always be an excellent addition to a cocktail. You can achieve it using an elderflower.

No doubt, you can delight your guests using this famous and attractive recipe. You can also use other flowers if you want to; your creativity is the limit.

A white wine combined with an elderflower is going to be heaven for everyone in your party.

Give An Extra Fizz With A Fruity Sorbet

Are you a fan of a root beer float? Your guests would probably love it, too, and they’ll be more than happy if you can give them its more adult version. How to do it? Simply pour a bottle of wine over a fruity sorbet!

A Champagne sorbet float has a bright taste, it’s refreshing, and gives that extra fizz to your sparkling wine, which is perfect for consuming as you top off a fantastic party with some fireworks display.

Add Bright Pops of Color And Texture Using Rock Candy Skewers

If you want to make that sparkling wine table in your party super fun, try adding rock candy skewers to the drinks. It’s fascinating and worth trying. You have two options as to how to consume your wine with rock candy skewers; you can either let the candies melt in the glass or eat them before taking a sip of your drink, either way, it will make the flavor explode in your mouth.

Place Pomegranate Arils

Pomegranate arils are like tiny rubies and many people call them jewels, but, they’re fruits! Pomegranate arils become even more beautiful when you place them in your wine glass, allowing them to float on the liquid.

Get ready for an explosive surprise since a flavorful burst will happen once you catch one of them in your mouth. What a way to add that extra something to your sparkling wine!

Use Colored Sugar To Rim Your Glass

It’s not always about the wine. Sometimes, you only have to do wonders with the glass to add that extra something to your drink.

What you can do is use lemon and moisten the mouth of your wine glass and roll it in glittery sugar afterwards.

Combine Wine And Ice pops

Do you want to turn a simple wine into a fruit-flavored Champagne cocktail?

There’s no need to complicate things. All you need are ice pops in your glass and pour your drink over them. Wait for the frozen treat to melt for a delightful surprise of heavenly taste.

Final Thoughts

No doubt, the items mentioned above can add that extra something to your sparkling wine and make the party more enjoyable. Just be sure to store the wine bottle in the fridge for a couple of hours before serving it. As they say, wines taste best when they get well-chilled!

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