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Prestige Cuvée Champagnes ~ Part 1 – Lighter-Bodied, Elegant Prestige Cuvées

Do Wine Legs Indicate Quality?

By Corné van Nijhuis / 9th February 2024

We all know the evenings when, just after a nice bottle of wine has been opened and poured, we look at each other and say: great legs! But what do these wine legs really say about the wine? Can we read something from those streaks formed on the inside of the glass when it comes…

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Can Wine Have ‘Body’?

By Corné van Nijhuis / 24th November 2023

Wine tasters use a large arsenal of terms to express what they taste. One of those that are used with pleasure is the term ‘body’. But what is wine with body? Technically body means ‘having a physical structure’. So if we ask ‘Can wine have body?’, the answer will definitely be: of course, it has,…

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how to make english sparkling wine

Does ‘Simple Wine’ Exist?

By Corné van Nijhuis / 26th October 2023

As winter approaches, the weather becomes colder and the days grow shorter. Changes like these ensure that we spend a little more time behind the fireplace and philosophize about what life has to offer us. And sometimes these reflections (in my case) inevitably revolve around wine, especially when you’re gazing into the open fire with…

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Does wine numb our consciousness?

By Corné van Nijhuis / 6th October 2023

One of the great benefits of drinking a good glass of fine wine is the relaxing effect it has (for most of us). Of course, this only applies as long as you drink in reasonable moderation. But what really happens mentally when we use something like an alcoholic beverage? Does it impact our consciousness in…

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Where do Champagne bubbles come from

Does Champagne Sparkle?

By Corné van Nijhuis / 17th August 2023

It looks almost a too simple question, an open door: Does Champagne sparkle? But if we look at it more deeply we might come to surprising insights. Going back to the word ‘sparkle’ we can retrace it to the Old English 16th century word ‘spearca’ which meant ‘throw off glowing or fiery particles’. This concept…

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Does Wine Have A Soul?

By Corné van Nijhuis / 27th July 2023

When we drink a good glass of wine it often brings us thoughts, memories and emotional feelings. So what is it related to the wine which creates this? Thinking about this phenomenon, that we are touched by wine, raised the question: Does wine has a soul? Drinking wine is the feast of reason and the…

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Is Natural Wine A Better Wine?

By Corné van Nijhuis / 4th July 2023

If we say natural, we normally mean: created by or in nature without human intervention. Now that makes it a difficult concept for wine, because making wine from grapes inevitably requires human action, like harvesting and processing. So we need to find a more useful description, such as: ‘nothing added nor removed’. So there might…

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Does Knowledge Of The Wine You Drink Impact The Taste?

By Corné van Nijhuis / 15th June 2023

Sometimes we are drinking wine but actually we don’t know exactly what wine it is. This is of course the case when we do a blind tasting, but also when we drink wine at a reception or sometimes at a friends house. The glasses are filled up, but with which wine exactly? But although we…

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Is Wine An Expression Of Art?

By Corné van Nijhuis / 25th May 2023

Pretending to be a vinosopher automatically makes you vulnerable to people who come up with the most creative questions imaginable. Sometimes these are indeed complex issues and thinking about them inexorably leads to drinking more wine because they are, well, important and hard (at least for the one who’s asking). One of those questions asked…

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