Janne Hallinan DipWSET

English Sparkling Wine Tourism – Don’t Miss Out!

By Janne Hallinan DipWSET / 30th May 2023

Wine tourism is a global industry that is crucial to the financial success of many of the wine regions of the world. England’s Sparkling wine industry is no exception. Wine tourism in England is still in its infancy, but with new entrants and more facilities being added every year this is an exciting time for…

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Sparkling Wines – From Seafood To Steak – The Perfect Food Wines

By Janne Hallinan DipWSET / 4th April 2023

Sparkling wines are so much more than aperitif wines, don’t keep them just for the toast at a wedding. They are versatile food wines, pairing beautifully with some of our favourite dishes. When I heard the President of Champagne Salon & Delamotte, at a Decanter event many years ago, say he always had Champagne with…

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Climate Change is Challenging the Quality of Many Traditional Method Sparkling Wines

By Janne Hallinan DipWSET / 15th February 2023

Climate change is challenging the quality of many traditional method sparkling wines. What could this mean for the taste of our celebratory glass of bubbles? Let’s take a deep dive into two regions, historic Champagne, and new kid on the block England, to find out. One of the key climate challenges facing Champagne in maintaining…

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