Jeanne Savelle

Mawby Vineyards and Winery: The Fun Side of Serious Sparkling Wine

By Jeanne Savelle / 3rd January 2024

Welcome to the bubbly world of MAWBY Vineyards and Winery, where seriously great sparkling wines meet seriously fun times. In a recent chat, co-owner Mike Laing delved into the essence of this 50-year-old gem. He explained the delightful world of MAWBYness—where every sip is an invitation to join the seriously fun side of sparkling wine.…

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Nova Scotia’s Benjamin Bridge Sparkling Wines: Where Audacity Meets Evolution

By Jeanne Savelle / 7th November 2023

Between Maine and Nova Scotia, you’ll find an extraordinary ecosystem, the tidal basin of the Bay of Fundy. The daily water flow in this Bay surpasses that of all the world’s freshwater rivers combined. In the Gaspereau Valley bordering the Bay, you’ll find an extraordinary winemaker, Jean-Benoit Deslauriers. He is a man of deliberate thought…

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Iron Horse Vineyards Sparkling Wines: Effervescent and Irresistible

By Jeanne Savelle / 5th October 2023

Pure Joy With her effervescent nature, Joy Sterling couldn’t be more suited for making sparkling wine. When I asked her what she wanted people to know about their sparkling wines, she called them irresistible. “Once you’ve tried them,” she said, “you wake up at 3:00 in the morning with an undeniable thirst for Iron Horse…

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Riding the Big Wave of Sparkling Wine in Santa Barbara County, California

By Jeanne Savelle / 28th June 2023

Talking with Laura Hughes is like having coffee with a good friend. Her warm smile, open gaze, and peaceful manner puts you at ease. You can imagine her in her kitchen baking bread with her husband nearby and their dog at her feet. But her energy and enthusiasm explode when she talks about making sparkling…

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Sparkling Wine from Georgia? No, Not That Georgia, the Other One!

By Jeanne Savelle / 16th May 2023

The wine profile of the country of Georgia has been rising these last few years. So, when you consider fine sparkling wine, this ancient winemaking country may come to mind. What you probably don’t think about is wine from the state of Georgia in the United States. While the country of Georgia continues to make…

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10 sparkling wine labels

Babylonstoren’s Sprankel: The Monarch of Cap Classique

By Jeanne Savelle / 27th April 2023

The monarch butterfly is part of the natural life of the Simonsberg-Paarl region of South Africa. So, it’s a good image for Sprankel, the Cap Classique wine from Babylonstoren. Babylonstoren creates only one Cap Classique wine, one that represents the highest expression of this historic land. I had the pleasure of sharing a conversation with…

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Grower Champagne, Y’all! Spreading the Joy in the Deep South

By Jeanne Savelle / 9th February 2023

December 1, 2022, Woodland Wine Merchant in Nashville, Tennessee, invited Henri Gabriel, owner of Advintage Distributing, to showcase a few of his grower Champagnes (lineup posted at the end.) We were on our way to the Ryman Theater that night, so we stopped in and we are so happy we did. Henri, a Champagne aficionado…

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