Kristian Kielmayer BA, DipWSET

The Secret to Austrian Sekt: The Traditional Method & Origin

By Kristian Kielmayer BA, DipWSET / 18th October 2023

The Love Story We’re writing 1841, when German-born cellar master of Ruinart, Robert Alwin Schlumberger meets the Austrian Sophie Kirchner on a boat trip along the river Rhein. They fell in love, but since her parents did not allow her to move to France, Robert decided in turn to move to Austria, Vienna. A year…

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Furmint, Beyond Sweet Wines – Exploring the Magic of Furmint in the Hungarian Sparkling Wine World

By Kristian Kielmayer BA, DipWSET / 29th August 2023

When one thinks of Furmint, the mind often conjures images of luscious Tokaji dessert wines from Hungary. However, this versatile grape variety has been quietly making waves beyond its sweet, and still dry incarnations. Time to celebrate The export quantity of Hungarian fizz has been fairly steady over the last five years, but it was…

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Pairing Champage and Chocolates at Famille Richard-Fliniaux

Craft Chocolate and Sparkling Wine

By Kristian Kielmayer BA, DipWSET / 5th April 2023

When it comes to pairing wine with food, or in this case chocolate with sparkling wine, the first -unwritten- rule would be: there are no rules, if you like it, you have it then your way. The second sort of rule would be: “what grows together goes together”. Now, this does not apply to chocolate…

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