Mona Elyafi

Champagne Maxime-Blin On Capturing The Essence Of Trigny In Every Bottle

By Mona Elyafi / 8th February 2024

And Thrusting The Massif De Saint-thierry Into The Limelight … In The “Blin” Of An Eye! For a region rich in nature and in history, there’s not nearly enough attention given to the Massif de Saint-Thierry. Located in the northernmost part of Champagne, the Massif de Saint-Thierry boasts magnificent forests and vineyards that together form…

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All Eyes On Ludovic Du Plessis – A Champagne With A Conscience

By Mona Elyafi / 9th January 2024

As He Puts More Skin In The Sustainability Game With Telmont – A Champagne With A Conscience. Certified’ably … Made In Nature! Parisian-born Ludovic du Plessis has spent more than two decades building an impressive career in the world of luxury wines and spirits, with notable tenures on his resume featuring Dom Pérignon, Moët &…

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The inKRUGible Music of Champagne

By Mona Elyafi / 21st November 2023

A Tête-à-Tête with Olivier Krug sixth generation director of La Maison Krug Wine, in its very essence, is one of the great simple pleasures of life. Yet for a drink that is the epitome of hedonism, wine, ironically, can be quite daunting. Everything from the mystical terminology, old school wine tasting protocol, and formal serving…

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More Than Meets The Glass! Haute Couture Wine Glass Designer, Kurt Joseph Zalto, Breathes New Life Into The Iconic Josephinenhütte Brand

By Mona Elyafi / 31st August 2023

Glassware is to wine what bubbles are to Champagne: ESSENTIAL. For a glass to be in complete accord with the wine, size and shape inherently come into play. The right glass will allow for the individuality and unique personality of a wine to be fully expressed and revealed. Perhaps no one knows this better than…

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For Your Eyes Only: ‘La Dégustation Visuelle’ Caroline Brun’s Invitation To An Artistic Visual Sensory Voyage Into Champagne

By Mona Elyafi / 27th July 2023

Champagne, like all wines, is an experience for all the senses and no other artist has ever been able to capture that sensory discovery more than Caroline Brun. Her artwork is a visual and sensorial voyage that uniquely translates the intensity, richness, nuances, elegance, even impertinence of those inexhaustible million-Champagne bubbles as they delightfully spiral…

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Interview With The Effervescent Carole Doyard Of Champagne Doyard-Mahé

By Mona Elyafi / 29th June 2023

Champagne Doyard-Mahé has been a family owned and run Champagne house since its inception in the mid-20th century. Located in the premier cru village of Vertus in the illustrious Cote des Blancs, Doyard-Mahé is currently under the helm of fourth-generation family member, Carole Doyard, who many credit with bringing the house to its current world-renown…

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In Taste He Trusts

By Mona Elyafi / 11th May 2023

Didier Mariotti, Veuve Clicquot’s Chef Des Caves, Uncorks The Unique Savoir-faire Of The Iconic Champagne House With The Yellow Soul If you were to name a Champagne brand, chances are the first name that would probably naturally pop into your mind would be Veuve Clicquot. Blending that wow factor with that certain French je ne…

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Blazing A Path Into The Future Of Champagne

By Mona Elyafi / 14th April 2023

Charlotte De Sousa Is Uniquely Leading The Movement Towards A More Inclusive Industry The story of Champagne DE SOUSA is one of family values and ethics of respect for nature. An atypical success story that has its original roots outside of Champagne, all the way down South on the Iberian Peninsula. Champagne DE SOUSA is…

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