Champagne and Oyster Cocktail

30th November 2020

Champagne & Oyster Cocktail

Champagne and Oysters go hand in hand, a combination that has worked for generations, the food of love and the drink of lovers.

Oysters, an aphrodisiac, are extremely rich in zinc, which is essential for testosterone production and Champagne always improves a situation and puts a smile on your face.

Champagne Goutorbe Bouillot

We were fortunate enough to visit Champagne Goutorbe Bouillot earlier this year where we got to tour the winery and taste their range of Champagnes, you can check out our Trip To Champagne Goutorbe Bouillot and get to know the man behind the label.

Champagne Goutorbe Bouillot is owned by the Papleux family, they operate 8 hectares under HVE certification (High Environmental Value) they have 9 different bottles available on their website, which you can check out here.

Champagne Goutorbe Bouillot – Champ De Craie Extra Brut

Tasting Notes

Aroma – “Marzipan, dates, and a touch of nuttiness on the aroma.”

Flavours – “Dry citrus and yellow fruit flavours, high acidity.”

The Oyster Gin

The world’s first Oyster Gin, they use Oyster shells from the Loch Fyne in Scotland, it’s Scotland’s longest sea loch, extending 40 miles inland, fresh from the Argyll Coast, to add a delicate maritime essence. they also blend with a mix of citrus botanicals, creating a savoury gin that is perfect to pair with seafood.

You can try this Oyster Gin for yourself or look at their other selection on their website right here.

Tasting Notes – “The Gin is rather nice, it’s not overpowering and contains a slightly silky, Oyster like texture with a touch of citrus.”

The Cocktail


  • Champagne
  • Oyster Gin
  • Seaweed

How To Make This Champagne & Oyster Cocktail

  1. Cut a sheet of Seaweed in half and wrap it around the inside of your glass.
  2. Pour in 30mls of Oyster Gin
  3. Top up with 300-400mls of Sparkling Wine

Tasting Notes

Aroma – “Seaweed is at the forefront with Oysters then making a prominent appearance on the aroma.”

Flavours – “A fizzy ocean cocktail is the best way to describe this, you get a lovely seaweed and Champagne flavour, which is accompanied by a light saltiness and a silky Oyster texture, a perfect Sea Breeze Cocktail.”

Oliver Walkey

Oliver Walkey

WSET 2 Journalist focused on sharing Champagne and Sparkling Wine reviews and cocktails to the world.