How to Organize a Stunning Champagne Tasting Event

6th June 2023

Pouring Champagne Moet et Chandon rosé

Whether you want to host a small get-together with friends and family or you’re looking for an elegant way to promote your brand, a Champagne-tasting event is a great choice! These have become a popular option for business gatherings, and they tend to draw in the crowds.

It doesn’t take a lot of effort to bring your Champagne-tasting event together, but there will be a few details to iron out before the big day. Check out these tips for organizing a stunning Champagne-tasting event!

Choose Your Champagne

One of the first things you will need to do is figure out what Champagnes will be on your tasting menu. Since this is a tasting event, we recommend having several different options and possibly more than one brand as well. After all, the idea behind a tasting is to sample multiple options.

Having a variety of Champagne will be important. On that note, you also need to be sure you don’t overdo it. Pick 3-4 types of Champagne that all have something unique about them. Take the time to do the research and choose titles or types that are going to be popular at your event.

Be sure to watch the budget, as some bottles of Champagne can get pricey, especially if you are purchasing multiple bottles for this tasting event.

Food Pairings

Most wine-tasting events also bring in some form of food to go with the wine. You don’t have to go all out with an entire meal, but you will need to have some finger foods or simple sides to go with your Champagne. You can always check out services like Hello Fresh or Hello Fresh alternatives to find some quality pairing options.

Some other choices for bringing in food include making your own items, ordering catering, or doing something simple like a cheese tray. While this is a fancy atmosphere, thanks to the Champagne, you want simple foods that will complement the Champagne that is being served.

Go all out with a charcuterie board to add some flair and have a few different food choices on hand.

Consider the Glassware

It is incredibly common to use flutes when it comes to Champagne. That’s a great choice, but you don’t have to use flutes for this to be a great event. When it comes to Champagne, glasses using a glass that is slightly wider actually helps improve the experience of the flavors and the aroma of the drink.

Use stemmed wine glasses that are slightly wider, or even use white wine glasses with no stem. You can keep it elegant without sticking to the thin flutes that just won’t do the tasting justice at your event.

Most Champagne connoisseurs recommend using tulip-shaped glasses for the best effects.

Will There Be a Theme?

You certainly are not required to have a theme, but this may be an important part of your planning process. Choosing a theme sometimes helps the details come together better overall. Your theme will affect several things but gives you a base to work with for all of your decisions.

These are some details that you might coordinate with your theme:

  • Decorations
  • Types of Champagne
  • Food choices
  • Dress
  • Playlists
  • Location

When you choose a theme, you can use that as your focal point. From there, all the small details can come together around the theme itself.

Champagne Pouring and Storage

One of the most important elements of your event will be how you store and serve the Champagne. How much do you know about Champagne, and at what temperature it is best for the experience? At this Champagne-tasting event, you want to ensure that the flavors are going to speak for themselves.

There are certain tricks you can utilize to help with this. The first is to make sure you store your Champagne in an appropriate cooler setting. You may need to plan ahead for this so that all champagne that may be served will be properly chilled prior to serving. Plan to put champagne in the cooler at least 24 hours prior to your event. Set your cooler to around 50 degrees.

You don’t want the Champagne left sitting out too long, so pour the glasses about 10 minutes before serving the Champagne. This will help it be right around the perfect temperature. When you are ready to serve, train anyone pouring how to do so correctly. Champagne should be poured to right around half a glass. If you overfill, this restricts the appeal of the bubbles. If you underfill, there is too much air, and it will affect your Champagne flavors. Halfway is perfect for serving Champagne just right.

Final Thoughts
Planning a Champagne-tasting event is a great way to bring together people for a small and more intimate gathering. These events are often elegant and private to make for a great night with laughter, fun, and delightful Champagne. When you put these simple tips to use, you’re bound to have a fantastic event.

Just remember the basics of chilling, serving, and ensuring your Champagne really hits the high notes. Cheers to a great event!

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