Krug Uses Music to Introduce their New Grande Cuvée

13th May 2016

Krug Uses Music to Introduce their New Grande Cuvée

Champagne Krug has often expressed the connection between Champagne and music. Last year they released their Krug ID App that allowed consumers to scan the label to get a suggestion for the particular bottle’s ‘music pairing’.

“The world of music and the world of Champagne share a common vocabulary: precision, expressiveness, roundness,” said Argentine pianist Marcela Roggeri.

Laurie Werner recently spoke about the musical release of Krug’s introduction of their Grand Cuvée this year. Krug chose Rome as their stage – the 16th century Chiostro del Bramante near Piazza Navona – accompanied by a host of talented guests. Some artists included electronic artist Beardyman and soul and blues artist Keziah Jones.

Food also played an important role: guest chefs James Won and Yosuke Suga crafted an enticing menu focusing on eggs and how  they pair with Champagne.

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