Out of each 400 bottles of Prosecco, only one is Cartizze

10th November 2015

Cartzze region of the prosecco italy

Out of each 400 bottles of Prosecco, only one is Cartizze. 1000 hours of manual work in the vineyards to create this bespoke and elegant dry sparkling wine.

Valdobbiadene Superiore di Cartizze DOCG is that fine and versatile sparkling wine, the very ‘symbol’ of Valdobbiadene Superiore. Cartizze is the fruit of the hill of the same name that towers up over Santo Stefano di Valdobbiadene and is estimated to be worth more than two and a half million Euro per hectare.

Lending itself so exceptionally to the production of wine, Cartizze is a micro-territory that is markedly steep and extremely panoramic. Bisol, that manages the historical plot at the summit of the Cru, has always worked the precious vineyards by hand, dedicating as many as 1000 manual working hours per hectare per year.


“A passion that requires great commitment, if you consider that the average hours worked in the Conegliano area is in the region of 400 hours, while in most mechanized areas of the DOC appellation the average drops to 80 hours” explains Desiderio Bisol, technical director and oenologist.

“Out of each 400 bottles of Prosecco, only one is Cartizze Cru” points out Gianluca Bisol, President and Managing Director “We like to think of this wine as the perfect toast for the Xmas festivities and indeed at any given moment of the day as well as an elegant idea for a gift”.

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