Prosecco and Food Pairing Ideas

27th September 2022

Prosecco and Food Ideas

Fancy popping open a bottle of Prosecco with dinner tonight? Then check out our many Prosecco and Sparkling Wine Food Pairings here at Glass of Bubbly. Prosecco is a very versatile sparkling wine that pairs well with a variety of dishes, especially light dishes like salads, but also greasy foods, like a hamburger.

If you’re looking to pair a bottle of Prosecco with a dish not in this article, then take a look at ‘What are the Different Types of Prosecco?‘ this will give you an understanding of the different type of Prosecco and make it a bit easier to pair by yourself in the future.


One Prosecco and Food Pairing combination that works wonders is Prosecco and Salad, find The Perfect Prosecco To Have With Salad right here. Salads can often be overlooked for food pairing in favour of concentrating on main dishes, but Prosecco can really shine with this lighter pairing adding an extra dimension and enjoyment to any combination of salad.

You can read a more in-depth explanation with Salad and Prosecco. Really?

Prosecco and Salads


Pizza is a fantastic opportunity to pop open a bottle of Prosecco, the flavours of both can really complement each other, you can look into Prosecco Styles Pairing with Seafood Pizza or Battle of The Bubbles – Pizzaland, where Prosecco went up against Champagne, Cava and English Fizz to find out which paired best.
Pizza and Prosecco

Meatball Sub

One of the best pairings I have ever done was with Meatball Sub & Prosecco, the combination of the creamy cheese, savoury meat and sweet tomato paired perfectly with this Gold Medal Creamy Prosecco.


When talking all things Italian Food, then you know Pasta will isn’t far off the tongue and thankfully, when paired with Prosecco, the combination works superbly. Pasta is so versatile with lots of variety of sauces from creamy, bacon to tomato, but all work well with the fruity and floral flavours of a Prosecco.

Artisan Pasta and Italian Sparkling Wines


Prosecco and any kind of Seafood work well together, whether it’s cooked or raw. Fish makes an excellent match with Prosecco. Its acidity and sweet notes perfectly match the salty seafood flavours, you could also pair fish with a nice Rosé Prosecco, why not try Roast Trout with Prosecco.

Roast Trout with Prosecco


Tacos and Prosecco, the spiciness from the Tacos and the fresh fruity flavours from the Prosecco can work together to add an extra level flavours and enhance the experience.

Hot Dog

If you decide that the Hot Dog will be your dinner tonight, then Prosecco may join you as well, the likes of a Bratwurst or Frankfurter, would be a formidable companion, even with some creative toppings, needless to say, Pairing Hot Dogs With A Glass of Bubbly gets a thumbs up from me.


Although most of these dishes are dinner or lunch options, Prosecco can be perfect for Breakfast or even Brunch, they say 11 am is the optimal time for your taste buds, so treat them, give them a magnificent display of Toast, Eggs, Bacon and Salmon with a Glass of Award Winning Prosecco.


I wrote an article on whether Champagne or Prosecco was better to enjoy with a Burger on a First Date, both brought something to the table and both work well to cut through the greasiness of a hamburger, find out just how much in First Date Burgers – Champagne or Prosecco?


A platter of Cheese is the perfect end to a meal for many and a glass of Prosecco to enjoy alongside makes it sound like heaven, Pairing Prosecco DOC & Grana Padano Cheese or Which is the best Sparkling Wine to go with Creamy Cheese?


Make your own Prosecco biscuits next time you get your baking equipment out, a perfect little sweet snack to gift to your family and friends, especially around Christmas. Homemade Prosecco Biscuits. You can not only enjoy a glass of Prosecco, but also bake with it adding an extra sparkle to these sweet biscuits. Often Prosecco is slightly sweeter than Champagne so this means it pairs well with lots of desserts as well.

So remember Prosecco can be enjoyed throughout the whole meal with each different course.

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