Prosecco Takes Action Against ‘Fake’ Versions

4th January 2016

Prosecco Takes Action Against 'Fake' Versions

Prosecco has soared in popularity in recent years and has become the UK’s favourite bubbly with sales hitting £181.8 million last year compared with Champagne’s £141.3million.

With its rising popularity, there comes imitators trying to make the most out of it. While the name Prosecco is protected, ‘fake’ versions have started appearing in Germany and Russia using secco on the end of their names, such as Krossecco and Meer-Secco.

A group of Prosecco winemakers say this is an attempt to take advantage of their wine, which can only be called Prosecco when produced in Italy using the Glera grape variety. There’s concerns it could be damaging to their name if a consumer drinks a low-quality ‘imitation’ and mistakes it for the real thing.

This isn’t the first time there has been an issue with ‘false’ Prosecco –  earlier this year, British pubs were told to stop selling Prosecco on tap because it’s intended to be from a bottle.

The ‘imitation’ bottles are not yet available in stores in UK, but steps are already being taken against them. Winemakers urge consumers to be aware when buying Prosecco.


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