Prosecco Winemakers Threaten Aldi with Legal Action

16th December 2016


Italian winemakers are threatening Aldi with legal action for selling ‘Prosecco Infusion’ tea bags. Prosecco makers say they have no right to use their name to sell the tea and are demanding Aldi ditch the range.

Stefano Zanette, who runs the Consortium for the Protection of Prosecco in Italy’s Veneto region said “Prosecco is a particular product made here in our region with the finest grapes and traditional skills of winemakers. We are demanding this product is banned and will look at legal action if it is not removed immediately from shops. We have had several similar legal battles in the past and won them. We will win this one as well if needs be.”

The Aldi Speciality range of teas has been produced especially for Christmas. A box costs £1.89 for 15 bags. However, as the tea is infused it contains no alcohol.

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