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21st October 2022

Champagne Goutorbe Bouillot Grapes

If you want to bring your friends and family together, you need to consider an occasion. However, the modern world is getting advanced and busy simultaneously. These days we do not have much time to give to either family or friends.

Work pressure, tension, future planning, and leading to a smart life have directed us towards a busy lifestyle.

Fortunately, we have our day off. So a perfect wine tour can be on your next plan list if you are looking for a great day with your loved ones.

Wine is fascinating, charming, and delicious if you know its proper usage. However, wine is a kind of drink that is directly sold to customers and wine drinkers who stay far away. Almost 40% of the wine is sold to a foreign country from a native country, which suggests this amazing drink’s world-class popularity.

Sparkling Wines are very popular these days; among those, Champagne and Prosecco are considered largely by people instead of being expensive.

Above all, your will to experience the ultimate fun and laughter with good taste is now possible with wine tours in the presence of wineries. So, if you are on the same page of choice, we have something more to increase your interest.

What Is Wine Tourism?

Before you jump into a wine tour, we want you to understand what it exactly is. There is nothing more important than knowledge, and with a better understanding, you will be able to taste better wines this time.

Most of us do not understand the different tastes of wine, which is a big reason why thousands of people do not consider wine tourism. But if you look into it, you will see Italy produces almost 660 million bottles of sparkling wine with different labels.

This particular data might trigger you to concentrate on wine and consider a wine tour to elevate your power of wine taste.

Wine tourism is also known as vinitourism and enotourism, and in simple words, it is a one-day tour aiming at food and especially wine. A wine tour is the best way to know the world of wines and tastes in particular. Vineyard and wine: a perfect combination.

It is also for enthusiasts who want to know more about wineries and their processing. So, it’s both a knowledge and taste-based tour.

Why Should You Consider A Wine Tour?

Even in the year of the pandemic, 2020, the estimated worth of the wine industry was almost 8.7 billion U.S. dollars, which is quite aggressive in terms of growth. Wine tours are relatively new in comparison to the winemaking process.

However, the wineries are becoming beneficial with wine tours.


The mass production of wine these days is making it readily available for users on a low budget. In such conditions, the small wineries are not able to make as much money as they want.

For small and medium wineries, tourism can be a good source of income. Here you go and pay to taste wine.

However, there are several other reasons to consider wine tours in Melbourne.

More Understanding Of Wine

Wine is all about taste if you skip the part of the price. But every precious taste has its own price. As we have already discussed, most of us are unaware of the different tastes of wine; an excellent experience of wine can only be gained through wine tours.

When you are going to spend a large sum of money in the local store to grab a bottle of wine, don’t you think you shoud pay for it after you know its actual origin, quality, and structure?

Wine tours will help you to get in close touch with wineries and their perspectives.

Enjoy Free Wine Tasting

Often wine tours offer a few wine tastes from their selected wineries for free. Maybe it is a business idea, but it is nothing bad for you.

Wineries do not consider a free taste unless you have a pass of wine tour operators. So, it’s also a benefit for you to take a sip and cherish it for free.

Chance Of Better Acquaintance

Finding our best companion is hard, especially with the same kind of passion and interests. We are busy in our modern life, and thus we do not get much time to decide on our choices with others.

Here you go!

A wine tour can be your best day out activity to find new acquaintances with the same passion. When you get in touch with some people with the same passion, your enthusiasm might touch the highest pick ever.

Why Is Rick’s Wine Tour The Best In Melbourne?

No matter which wine tour you decide to go on but Rick’s Wine Tours provides specialist service to their consumers. They are efficient and experienced and also have the ability to provide you with private wine tours.

Yarra Valley is surrounded by the Yarra river and Melbourne. To understand more about Rick’s Wine Tours’ service, you can also check some reviews to know their genuine purpose and process.

Excellent Transportation

They provide guaranteed transportation every day from St Paul’s Cathedral opposite Federation Square to let you enjoy some best locations with award wineries.

Excellent views also make your transportation comfortable, and they are very aware of the roads and itineraries. They even consider some lesser-known locations with historical relevance to the valley.

However, the best part is that it is not just about the wineries but something more. Art galleries, Cheesemongers, Distilleries, and Museums are also included in this wine tour.

Spectacular Views

You might be able to imagine the beautification of Yarra Valley with the acquaintance of the Yarra Valley with the acquaintance of the Yarra river. In between the valley and river, you are taking the first sip of wine with your best friends or some unknown but passionate people.

If this is not going to trigger you, then nothing will. Melbourne is a place of hope and beauty, and the taste of wine this time is going to make your day perfect.

All these aspects mentioned above are the main reasons to consider Rick’s Wine Tours as the best wine tour.

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