Sustainable Sparkling Wine Producers

3rd December 2019

Sustainable Sparkling Wines 2019

As our world becomes more populated and demands on our land and seas increase we have to encourage greater efforts towards sustainability. We are very blessed to be on the planet we all live our lives on and it is important for everyone both today and for tomorrow to at least maintain and in certain circumstances better the quality of life for all that enjoy and will go on to enjoy it.

The environment is important to protect and we see within many business sectors set-out plans, targets, procedures, regulations, laws and more that are geared towards providing customers with not only quality products / services, but also sustainable options.

The food and drink world is certainly busy within the likes of organic, vegan, sustainable themed production and if we delve into the wine sector then globally there are many wineries and wines whose production are set within criteria that meets sustainability status.

Sparkling Wine grape production

For wineries to meet with sustainable expectations the likes of soil health, water usage / recycling, air pollution reduction, chemical usage, renewable energy, machinery and much more are considered. The change of production methods can lead to of course change of style of wine and qualities so the battle is not only for the respect to the environment, but also the quality of wine for the end consumer.

Some examples of award winning Sustainable sparkling wines:

Following the introduction of the ‘Sustainability Trophy‘, Glass of Bubbly received many entries globally from wineries who met the criteria set by Slow Food who are the partner in this unique award. The winery Motzenbäcker took home the trophy for 2019.

Trophy Meditation Motzenbacker Rosé

Trophy Meditation Motzenbäcker Rosé


Motzenbäcker Rosé Brut – Trophy Winner ‘Meditation’ 2019:We were very proud to introduce the ‘Sustainability Trophy thanks to our partnership with Slow Food for 2019. There were many wineries who sat within the required criteria thus were open to winning this unique trophy. It was great news for the winery Motzenbäcker to collect two trophies during the awards ceremony including the inaugural ‘Sustainability Trophy.

Here the Rosé Brut, which also took home the trophy for ‘Meditation’ on the evening really shines out as a fine example of the quality of sparkling wine being produced by sustainable wineries. A touch of orange tint to the colouring with aromas giving red apple skin, red berries and tangerine. There are fruity flavours with a touch of crisp dryness in the length. A sit back, relax and enjoy wine.

Villa Sandi La Rivetta Cartizze 2019 – Silver Medal ‘Spring Fling’ 2019:The usual fruity and creaminess that Villa Sandi gives you. Not too heavy, not too sweet, plenty of fresh white fruits with fine mousse. A wonderful dreamy Prosecco taste sensation.

Gold Medal Forget Me Not - Bollicine Charline

Gold Medal Forget Me Not – Bolllicine Charling


Bolllicine Millesimato 2014 – Gold Medal ‘Forget Me Not’ 2018:A very different nose, hard to pinpoint, almost an apricot / marzipan / almond liquor. Taste is memorable also being fruity and moreish with a burst of yellow stone fruits with a near smooth length.

Silver Medal Meditation La Morette Brut

Silver Medal Meditation Le Morette Brut


Le Morette Spumante Brut – Silver Medal ‘Meditation’ 2019:Hints of white floral, oak, minerals on the nose. Touch dry, citrus / fruity, minerals. Can see this sparkling wine being a good choice for food pairings.

Gold Medal Summer Days Champagne Albert Beerens Cuvee Signature

Gold Medal Summer Days Champagne Albert Beerens Cuvée Signature


Champagne Albert Beerens Cuvée Signature Brut – Gold Medal ‘Summer Days’ 2019:Ripe peach, tropical, honey and citrus aromas. An initial dry crisp burst of flavours that showcases apricot, honeycomb, lemon zest and more. Very lively in the palate – A delight to enjoy.

Silver Medal Light & Fruity - No1 Family Estate Cuvee

Silver Medal Light & Fruity – No.1 Family Estate Cuvée


No.1 Family Estate Cuvée Blanc de Blancs – Silver Medal ‘Light & Fruity’ 2019:As always with No.1 Family estate you can be guaranteed a refreshing and enjoyable glass of fizz. Their Blanc de Blancs Cuvée is held of the lees for two years that gives you that complex aroma and taste. Plenty of white fruits, citrus, yellow floral flavours with a crisp length and finish.

Christopher Walkey

Co-founder of Glass of Bubbly. Journalist and author focused on Champagne & Sparkling Wines and pairing them with foods.