Badagoni and BBQ

It’s BBQ season, it’s time to roll out your BBQs and start cooking some burgers, sausages and chicken, in this article we will be pairing chicken wings, simply barbecued and with sauces with a couple of bottles of Georgian Sparkling Wine from the winery of Badagoni. While the fire gets going, let’s pop over to…

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Kiwi Royale Cocktail

Casino Royale, no, sorry, Kiwi Royale, the perfect blend of Kiwi and Sparkling Wine, fruits can be a wonderful ingredient in creating a cocktail and the delicate kiwi is no exception, let’s see how it got its name and where it comes from. Although we call it the Kiwi, its official title is the Kiwifruit,…

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Badagoni – Georgian Sparkling Wine

Badagoni Georgian Sparkling Wine

Before we discover who Badagoni is, we need to pinpoint where Georgia is, located in the intersection between Europe and Asia, Georgia is located just above Turkey and just below Russia, it’s interesting to know that it is a former Soviet Republic and it is well known for its ancient wine-growing region of Kakheti and…

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