The Perfect Champagne Occasions

It’s not like we ‘need’ a reason to pop open a bottle of Champagne, but sometimes you just want something that will perfectly fit the situation you are in, whether it be a dinner party, a wedding toast, or a delicious gift, this list of Champagnes and Occasions will help you plan your next moment…

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What Champagne To Serve At A Dinner Party

Guests for Champagne, Cigar and Ratafia Champenois tastings

𝄞 Ding Dong 𝄞 Your first guest has just arrived and is waiting to be let in, the table is set, soft music is playing in the background and you’re dressed ready to impress, but you quickly remember, that you haven’t placed a bottle of Champagne on chill. A real nightmare situation, I know, but…

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The Art Of A Wine Label

With the thousands of Sparkling Wines that I’ve tasted over the years, I’ve come across hundreds of different kinds of labels, all with their own story to tell. From different colours, fonts and sizes, young and old, vibrant and dark, from the animals, landmarks, towns, villages, and maps of the vineyard in which the grapes…

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