The Art of the Second Fermentation in Champagne

Champagne bottles stored in Epernay

The second fermentation in Champagne transforms a still wine into the world-renowned sparkling wine. This critical phase is not only about creating the bubbles that Champagne is famous for but also about influencing the flavor, aroma, and overall quality of the final product. The Biochemical Process At its core, the second fermentation is a biochemical…

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How To Open A Bottle Of Champagne

Correct way to open Champagne bottle

For many people, the opening of a Champagne bottle is a bucket list item, something they’d like to do during their lifetime, we here at Glass of Bubbly hope you’ll be able to open many bottles of Champagne and use each of the three very cool methods. The 3 ways to open a bottle of…

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Does Your Bottle Shape Matter?

When it comes to buying a bottle of Champagne or Sparkling Wine, how much does the shape of the bottle influence you? We all buy things with our eyes, seeing something pleasing to you, will make it more likely that you would choose that product over another. When you normally think of bottle shape, you…

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