The Quest For Champagne

Champagne Lanson has bestowed upon us a mighty endeavor, a quest for Champagne, they recently released two outstanding 2004 Vintage Champagnes, becoming some of the oldest prestige vintage Champagnes currently available on the market. It’s up to us to transport them from the Champagne Region to the United Kingdom, our quest will take us up…

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The War On Champagne

We all know that the word Champagne is very much protected by the C.I.V.C. or otherwise known as Le Comité Interprofessionnel du vin de Champagne. This organisation was created during World War II, on April 12th, 1941, during this time the Champagne Region was being taken advantage of by the invading forces from Germany, under…

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What Does ‘Grower Champagne’ Mean?

Vineyards of Ay

Grower Champagne can only be called a Grower Champagne if all the grapes used in producing your Champagne were grown on vines in your own vineyards/estate, rather then purchasing grapes from other third party vineyards. Grower Champagne is referred to in French as Récoltant-Manipulant Not all Champagne Houses have enough hectares of vines to meet…

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