What Champagne To Serve At A Dinner Party

Guests for Champagne, Cigar and Ratafia Champenois tastings

𝄞 Ding Dong 𝄞 Your first guest has just arrived and is waiting to be let in, the table is set, soft music is playing in the background and you’re dressed ready to impress, but you quickly remember, that you haven’t placed a bottle of Champagne on chill. A real nightmare situation, I know, but…

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Sparkling Wine In Your Hot Tub

After a hard-working day, what could be better than relaxing in a Hot Tub and sipping on a Glass of Bubbly? If you’re one for feeling the dancing bubbles massage your body and at the same time dancing around your mouth, then this is the winning combination for you. A Hot Tub doesn’t have to…

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Diamonds Are Forever – Champagne Vincent d’Astrée

Unlike a diamond, when opening a bottle of Champagne, it won’t last forever, but the memory will. Let’s find out about one of the many amazing Champagne labels, this one draws the everlasting diamond of its label, Champagne Vincent d’Astrée. Champagne Vincent d’Astrée owes its creation in a big part to the 240 winegrowers who…

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