Glee Euphoria California Sparkling Wine Blanc de Noir

For reasons I don’t understand, the producer of this sparkling wine, Sapphire Hill, decided to hide behind the Glee moniker. There is nothing on the bottle to link Glee and Sapphire Hill, but it was easy enough to locate them. Sapphire Hill Winery, a family-run boutique winery, has been operating in Sonoma County since 1989.…

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Classic Champagne Blend

What does classic Champagne blend mean

A common phrase in the world of bubbles is that of ‘classic Champagne blend‘ though what really does it mean as it is also referred to with wines made outside of the region itself? Surely it is exclusive to the famous region of Champagne in France? The term itself is one of the famous styles…

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Touraine Sparkling Wine

Touraine is an immense region, so big that the famous region of Vouvray lies entirely within it! The Touraine region itself is said to stretch the whole way from Chinon in the West, all the way to Orleans in the North-East, down to Valencay in the South East. The reality is that bottles of all…

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