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Drinking Dom Perignon Edward Kaukoranta

Book Review: Drinking Dom Pérignon – Edward Kaukoranta

By Christopher Walkey / 2nd May 2024

It was whilst browsing Instagram that I first came past the name Edward Kaukoranta and subsequently, the book entitled ‘Drinking Dom Pérignon 1921 to 2013‘. Boldly announcing himself as Edward of Champagne, was this just another name elbowing their way into the fine wine scene, another ‘expert’ offering an opinion and publishing their own ‘Champagne’…

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Buying Champagne at Auction

By Christopher Walkey / 8th April 2024

Many auction houses will offer buyers a great way of purchasing many of the current labels of wine / Champagne at a discounted rate compared to the prices of them at retail level. Your biggest risk will be on quality, though any fairly recently produced wines bought at auction are most likely to be performing…

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Piazza Italiana London

Piazza Italiana London

By Christopher Walkey / 2nd April 2024

Located in the easy to reach area of the city where the architecture is a blend between old and new, the Piazza Italiana is an all in one location for fine gastronomy delights, cocktails and wine. Enter through the double doors and be greeted by the amazing high ceiling splendour of the dining area you…

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Full Line-up of Guest Speakers Confirmed for 2024 Sustainability Summit London

By Christopher Walkey / 12th March 2024

The forthcoming Sustainability in Sparkling Wine Summit, to be held at the Sheraton Grand Hotel in Mayfair, London can now release the names of all the guest speakers that will be joining us. On April 30th, Glass of Bubbly will be descending to London for both the Champagne & Sparkling Wine Trade / Buyers Show…

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Vintage Champagne Tasting Experience London

By Christopher Walkey / 6th March 2024

There are some 3,500 pubs in London and it is said that over 50% of international visitors to the capital will try out at least one location during their time there. The pub and restaurant scene is gigantic both North and South of the Thames with many wine bars in amongst them, and for those…

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Sediment in Champagne

Sediment in Champagne?

By Christopher Walkey / 22nd February 2024

We expect our bottle of Champagne to be clear, fresh and bursting with fruitiness though from time to time this will not always be the case. A wine should be clean and clear and certainly devoid of cloudiness / particles, though there will be exceptions both purposely and unintentionally. What is sediment? If the bottle…

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online free champagne valuations

Free Champagne / Fine Wine Valuation

By Christopher Walkey / 13th December 2023

If your question is similar to ‘How much is my Champagne worth?‘ then we’ve the perfect article for you to read especially when considering that sometimes people may not realise they’ve bottles worth £1,000’s in their possession – it is good to know how much money you might be in for! Get Free Valuations for…

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Champagne Dom Perignon P2 1998

Champagne: What Are Oenothèque & Vinothèque?

By Christopher Walkey / 12th December 2023

If you are interested in older wines, those with added maturity, then both terms of Oenothèque and Vinothèque should interest you. Very much similar in appearance and sound, they also are quite close together in their meaning, though there are slight differences. The popularity of both are starting to blossom in the Champagne industry so…

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Fine Indian Cuisine London

Top Indian Cuisine and Wine List in London with Babur

By Christopher Walkey / 7th December 2023

If you are looking for a warm atmosphere, cleanliness and a fine selection of Indian cuisine delights with a long and varied wine list, then please do read on and discover Babur… With referenced reviews from Michelin and the AA Restaurant Guide, Babur has been sharing many of India’s finest dining experiences for over 38…

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