How To Choose The Perfect Champagne For Your Wedding

Pouring Champagne Moet et Chandon rosé

This is your big day, a day which will forever seal the love between you and your partner, the one day in your life that you want more than anything to be perfect, your fairy tale moment, so let’s make sure that the Champagne you choose is fit for your forever moment. When choosing the…

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History of Formula 1 Champagne

Formula 1 is the most-watched and exciting auto racing competition on TV, showcasing legends of the sport throughout the years, including, Sir Jackie Stewart, Jim Clark, Niki Lauda, Michael Schumacher, Fernando Alonso and more recently Lewis Hamilton, Max Verstappen and Sabastian Vettel. The are many more names that will come to mind to any F1…

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Champagne Mumm No 2 in Australia

Champagne Mumm has climbed up the ranks as one of Australia’s most popular brands of bubbly, taking over the number 2 spot, behind Moët & Chandon who is in top place. Mumm has risen quickly to become the second most consumed Champagne brand after rising from eighth before it signed up as an official sponsor of…

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World’s Highest Open-Air Champagne Bar in Bangkok

World's Highest Open-Air Champagne Bar in Bangkok

A new open-air Champagne bar has opened at the top of the Lebua Hotel in Bangkok, reaching a height 812 feet. At 64-floors high, the bar offers stunning views over the city and the Chao Pharaya River. You may have already seen the venue, which was featured in the movie Hangover Part 2! However, the actual bar…

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