Return of the Cava? #CavaMeeting 2023 Barcelona

Cava DO Meeting 2023

It remains a question for now, but there is a Star Wars themed recent storyline concerning Cava with Cava – The ‘Rest’ Strikes Back – Return of the Cava being the recent trilogy on show when it comes to this famous sparkling wine from Spain. As I sat alongside 150 other global leading wine thought…

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What’s Bubbly’ing Away at Cava DO?

Cava DO 2024

What’s Cava exactly? Well, it’s Spain’s very own, globally famous, sparkling wine that sells (2022) approximately 250 million bottles a year with the UK importing around 17 million of them!  Made in very much the same way as that of Champagne, Cava production method is called mètode tradicional with the three main grapes used being…

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