Sparkling Wine Production Methods

Sparkling wines come with many variations from flavours to prices, much of this will be down to how it is made, the production methods. When we venture in to learning more about wine, we hear production terms such as tank method, Champenois method, Ancestral, traditional, carbonated and more, though what do they all mean? Sparkling…

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Classic Champagne Blend

What does classic Champagne blend mean

A common phrase in the world of bubbles is that of ‘classic Champagne blend‘ though what really does it mean as it is also referred to with wines made outside of the region itself? Surely it is exclusive to the famous region of Champagne in France? The term itself is one of the famous styles…

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What is Methode Charmat?

Methode Charmat

There are many ways in which wines are made that deliver varied styles and results. From generation to generation, throughout the world, wine production has evolved and improved yet basic practises have usually remained in order to produce both still and sparkling wines. One such way is called the methode Charmat or Charmat method, better…

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