The golden rule for marketing your wine

8th August 2023

How many Champagne labels are there

There are many paths to successful marketing winemakers should know about, but whatever path you choose there are some simple guiding principles that always apply. Ideally, your marketing strategy should include both online and offline elements, but however, you choose to market your wine there is one golden rule you must follow – establishing and maintaining brand cohesion.

That means everything from your paper wine bags to your social media banners to the colour schemes on your website have to be unified. Customers need to know at a glance who they’re dealing with when they engage with your wines. Unified branding is the key to a successful business.

What is unified branding?
Unified branding is a simple concept, but one which many businesses in all markets fail to properly implement. At its heart, unified branding means that your business needs to have cohesive design choices that you apply to every aspect of your business. That means you need a logo, you need a typeface, you need a colour scheme, and you need to have a business ‘tone of voice’.

These are all subtle pieces of communication that form a powerful whole when your customers engage with your products. Think of all the biggest brands in the world – imagine the most famous soft drink in the world, you know it when you pick up a can that has a red, black, and white colour scheme, and you could identify it from the font alone. That is the power of a truly cohesive brand.

Brand identity is a powerful tool in your arsenal when it comes to developing and building your business. It’s what will allow you to develop your customers into a true community.

Personalize This Ltd, started in 2021, was created to fill a gap for small businesses looking for a smaller order of engraved corks, glasses or bottles, they are one of the growing options out there to help the start-ups, small productions or micro-distilleries get their creations behind your perfect branding.

Making the important choices
If you do not have a logo, you should get start the process of designing one – they are fantastically important when it comes to building your wine brand profile. Similarly, the colours you choose, the fonts you choose, and the way in which you write your advertising copy all say a great deal about your business. So make sure you’re communicating a message in line with your brand ethos. Even what you share on social media is important, and having a good social media presence is important so gaining followers should be on your to do list.

With a cohesive strategy in mind, it’s time to make sure it’s applied thoroughly. Every aspect of your brand needs to be easily identifiable. That means your website, your advertising, even the customised labels you put on your wine bottles all need to carry your unique branding message.

The benefits are considerable. Customers develop considerable brand loyalty towards brands they feel they can recognise and identify with. Not only does this give you a solid customer base as a foundation, but it also stands you in good stead when you choose to market new wines.

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