The Ultimate Gift Guide for Wine Connoisseurs

17th December 2020


Receiving a truly thoughtful gift is one of the best ways to be reminded of how much your loved one knows you. If you are struggling to come up with the perfect gift for a loved one, do not fear! We have devised the ultimate gift guide for a wine lover. Rather than gifting them a bottle of wine, here are some more creative ways that you can impress the wine aficionado in your life.

Monogrammed Wine Glass

Nothing is worse than pouring yourself a lovely glass of wine and having it stolen by a family member by mistake. Nevertheless, there is an excellent and fun solution to this problem – a monogrammed wine glass. These fun gifts can be personally monogrammed with their initials or name. However, many stores also sell pre-engraved wine glasses with the words ‘Mum’ or ‘Dad’ written on them.

Wine Decanter

Wine accessories are also a highly valuable gift for wine lovers. A beautiful decanter is the perfect present for your loved one to truly enjoy their bottle of red. Wine is decanted in order to separate the wine from the sediment, allowing the wine to taste more astringent and sharper. However, be aware that not all wines need decanting and that some may need less time in the decanter than others.

Wine Subscription

What better gift for a wine lover than a wine club membership? This subscription-style service allows you to receive a monthly wine box completely tailored to your tastes and likes. With this recurring subscription, wine connoisseurs will be able to enjoy a variety of wines from different regions every month.

Trip to a Winery

This is the perfect present for you both to enjoy. Your loved one gets to experience a day full of wine whilst you get to enjoy a day in their company. There are several regions across the globe that are full of wineries, vineyards, tours, and tastings. Spain, Italy, and France are the three top contenders, although you could even choose to treat them to a trip to the highest winery in Europe.

Wine Box and Cheese Board

You could decide to create a date night gift and handpick a selection of wines, cheeses, and crackers for your loved one to enjoy. If you know their favourite types of wine, why not include a bottle but also try and find some new alternatives for them to try. Wine is famous for pairing beautifully with cheeses so you could make your own spread to go with the wine box. Package this all together in a gift basket and voila, you have a beautiful gift!


There is an idea for every budget, however, if you decide to go for a good old-fashioned bottle of wine, why not add a smaller side present like an electric corkscrew or wine rack to go with it? Hopefully, this guide has given you plenty of inspiration as to what you can gift that special wine connoisseur in your life.

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