What Makes Champagne the Best Drink for a First Date

29th October 2019

Champagne at STK London

In 2018, the total expenditure on Champagne and sparkling wine was approximately £2.2billion, an amount higher than in the past years, according to the Morning Advertisers. Drinking Champagne during celebrations originated in the royal courts of Europe back in 1789, where it was not just an expensive beverage, but also a status symbol. And when Madame de Pompadour, the chief mistress to Louis XV, admitted that Champagne leaves a woman looking beautiful after drinking it, it became a favorite drink for lovers. If you are curious why Champagne is so connected with romance, the reasons listed will make you place an order for it anytime you are out on a date.

Sets the Mood Different from the Online Dating Scene

According to Datingpilot, the first date will make you feel excited, anxious, nervous, and worried. Even though you have been preparing for it, you will still have a train of thoughts and questions racing through your head. The good news is that your date might feel the same way, and you can keep your anxiety under control with a glass of Champagne. Champagne has a way of altering moods no wonder it is the most preferred beverage for a date. The moment you open a Champagne bottle, it marks the start of a celebration and unwrapping of the bubbly personality in you. You and your partner feel calm all over sudden, creating room for a lively event. Studies suggest that the pressure that builds in the bottle for months during the fermentation process gets things out of equilibrium when released. The pop, bubbles, and fizz of Champagne bring things to balance, making the event fun.

Stimulates the Senses

It is impossible to tell what will happen on the first date. Naturally, you will want to wait for a little longer before taking your relationship to the next step. However, this does not mean that the meeting should be boring. You two can merge senses, which might contribute to a great sex life in the near future. And sipping Champagne while you discuss common interests is the perfect way to do it. The popping, fizzing, and bubbling of Champagne stimulate all the five senses. Researchers believe the scent of Champagne replicates the aroma of female pheromones, making it perfect for heightening sensory pleasure.

Gives a First Good Impression

A bottle of Champagne makes an excellent gift for a date, whether it the first, second, or hundredth. It gives a first good impression of you. It makes a statement that you are a sophisticated, charming, and pretentious person. Anyone, even the crush you’ve been avoiding, will be pleased to go out on a date with you because Champagne lovers are known to be optimistic and lively. They have a way to alter the mood, filling the space with happiness and love.

For decades, people have been drinking Champagne in romantic settings for all good reasons. Besides altering moods, Champagne is a healthy drink. The red grapes used for making the beverage contain antioxidants, which help improve heart function and enhance beauty.

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